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Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria. Rich in examples of architecture including Baroque castles, gardens, and the Ringstrasse lined with parks, monuments and grand buildings. Art and culture are embedded in the soul of Vienna, with theater, opera, and fine arts on offer. Vienna is one of the few capitals of the world with its own vineyards and Viennese cafés have an extremely long and distinguished history that dates back centuries. Come and experience all that Vienna has to offer.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Visit Greater Raleigh, N.C., North Carolina's state capital area, where the things to do and see—museums, history, the arts, sports, shopping, music—are as unexpected and electrifying as the area's innovative mindset. Take a deep breath and recharge at hotels where staff will treat you with genuine Southern hospitality. Study the flavors in unforgettable meals at restaurants where you'll taste the area's newfound culinary creativity. Experience one of the most dynamic (and affordable) destinations in the Southeast. We hope to see you soon!

St Anton Summer

Mountains and nature, sport and relaxation, health and well-being, traditional yet contemporary – St. Anton am Arlberg is also a popular summer holiday destination, where guests looking for either sporting activities or some welcome R & R are equally well catered for. Whether walking in the mountains, climbing, cycling, rafting, swimming, enjoying one of the many festivals or simply relaxing – holidays are an intense experience in this Tyrolean holiday resort between Kapall, Galzig and Valluga with a great summer activity programme for the whole family.
Bratislava, Slovakia

Chill out in exciting Bratislava city

Chill out in exciting Bratislava city


Formerly the capital of Lithuania, Kaunas impresses today’s visitor. The city welcomes the visitor with statues of freedom fighters, poets, and grand dukes. The city's heroic past is present in the remnants of a castle. The fact that Kaunas was Lithuania's capital during the 1920s and 1930s has left the city with many architectural gems of that period. Many universities make Kaunas a city that is pulsing with the energy of youth. Now, clearly looking to the future, it has a vibrant, welcoming vision ready to share its once hidden charms and designed to meet every visitor’s needs. So, do come and visit Kaunas -you will find more than you expected.
Skåne, Sweden


Welcome to Skåne!

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

New England itself is pure charisma. Representing much of the world’s inspiration, the area is draped by sparkling snow in the winter, swept with seaside fresh air during spring and summer, and painted with the changing colors of its trees during autumn. Waterville Valley, Hew Hampshire is a beacon of these seasons and a proud, New England town. Its resort is the focal point, lending to recreational activities throughout the seasons that include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming and more. And not to be overlooked, the White Mountain National Forest also wraps Waterville Valley in its scenic landscape.
Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a Vibrant City

Belgrade is a Vibrant City that never sleeps.
Kaunas, Lithuania

St. Francis Ksaveras Church and Jesuits' Monastery

A baroque Jesuits' church with the buildings of the monastery and the school from the both sides predominates in the southern side of the square. Jesuits started establishing in this block since 1642. The most valuable building of this complex is considered to be the baroque St. Francis Ksaveras Church, which started to be built in 1666, however was sanctified only in 1759. There were difficulties when building this church, it even burnt several times. TERRACE: the rooftop terrace offers undoubtedly the best views of the Town Hall.
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Kaunas, Lithuania

Perkūnas (Thunder) House

Perkūnas (Thunder) House is considered to be one of few buildings belonging to the gothic period that stands till now. It is assumed to be a merchant's residential house built in beginning of the 16th century. It is one of the most original examples of the flamboyant Gothic architecture in Lithuania. In 1818, when the reconstruction works were performed, a statue was found in one of the walls of the house, which supposedly belonged to the Pagan God Perkūnas. Due to this statue this house was given a name of Perkūnas (Thunder). Tours: those who want to learn more about the history, crafts and traditions of the Hansaetic times are welcome to a theatrical tour around the House of Perkūnas and the terrace of the Jesuit monastery.
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