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Section in Cape Verde
Do & See
Adventure awaits amidst the rugged beauty of the Cape Verde islands. Thrill-seekers come from around the globe for first-class windsurfing and game fishing, to gape at the underwater marvels while diving and snorkeling and to admire the islands from atop an active volcano after a full-day hike. But there is plenty in the way of leisure, as well, with pristine golden beaches and a burgeoning resort infrastructure. Be sure, however, not to miss the historical wonders to be found at Cidade Velha and among the streets of Praia and Mindelo.

Outdoor Activities

Cape Verde is a prime destination for outdoor activities and adventure-seeking, with people coming from all over the world to hike, dive, windsurf and fish, and also to admire some of the marine wildlife in the area, like turtles and whales. Below are the best times of year and islands for each activity: Diving: April-September (Sal and Boa Vista) Windsurfing: November-May (Sal and Boa Vista) Hiking: All year (Santo Antão, Fogo and Santiago) Fishing: April-August (all islands) Turtles: June-August (Sal and Boa Vista) Whales: March-April (Boa Vista), June-July (Sal)
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