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LiJiang River / 漓江

If Guilin is a living entity, the Li River is the absolute soul. Originated from Mao’er Mountain, Li River starts its journey from Guilin down to Yangshuo, just like a jade ribbon winding among the green hills to form a most poetic beauty spot. The reflection of the fantastic karst peaks in the water, the cowboys, the fishermen at leisure and the simple households along its banks are mesmerizing. The section from Xingping Town to Yangdi is the highlight of this magnificent picture scroll.
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Drifting on Yulong River / 遇龙漂流

The Yulong River is a big tributary of the Lijiang River, flowing along scenic hills, plains and villages down to Gongnong Bridge. Hiking and riding around the river are also good ways to enjoy the view. Drifting on a bamboo raft is especially recommended for views that you cannot see from the banks. There are usually two seats on the raft and space is large enough to have bikes onboard as well. With many docking places on the route, it is possible to choose to tour the river for the whole length or in sections.
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Impression of Guilin / 桂林千古情

Guilin is one of the cities in China that posse the most ethnic variety, which provides the area with an extremely rich and unique customs and cultures. The folk song culture, among others, is the most well-known and representative example. The impression of Guilin is a large-scale performance that creatively combines the classical folk songs, ethnic culture and the fishing lights, reflecting a harmonious atmosphere between the people and nature here.
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Jinshuiyan Water Cave / 金水岩

Relatively newly discovered by native villagers, the cave is extensive and unaltered, full of narrow, maze-like passages, and countless stalagmites. It is not advised to go without a guide, a crash helmet and a flashlight. The entrance is accessible only by boat and the whole trip would take approximately 2 hours. Near the exit of the cave, there is a mud bath onsen. However, given that the cave is not fully explored, the absence of certain security measurement exists. Thus going in alone is not recommended especially after 16h.
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Guanyan Cave / 冠岩

Contrary to Longmen Cave, Guanyan is one of the best-equipped cave in Guilin. The cave contains 3 floors. The first floor is an underground river that's accessible only by boat, followed by an elevator that goes through a waterfall and leads to the second and the third floor. And then, a single-seat railcar will take you out of the cave and continue a little odyssey for 3 kilometres, and you can see the breath-taking landscape alongside the river coming towards you.
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Guilin National Forest Park / 桂林国家森林公园

The natural beauty of this tremendous forest area is breathtaking. Tiny mountains pop up out of the flat landscape and forests of unusual trees and plants cover the mountains like fur. Among all the mountains, the Moon Mountain is the most distinguishable with its giant and perfect round hole in the middle. Changing with the seasons, the landscape in this lush nature park is the ideal place to relax a tired body and mind while listening to the melody of nature.
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