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The Best Vegan Eateries
Sometimes it might seem that Mexican cuisine relies very heavily on grilled meat and corn tortillas. While this is an awesome combo that packs a flavorful punch, it is not exactly compatible with everyone's diet. And sometimes even meat-eaters could use some fresh vegetables and diversify their menu. Vegan and vegetarian food options are plenty in CDMX if you know where to look. Start by checking out our list of the absolute best vegan-friendly restaurants and eateries:
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Taquería Por Siempre Vegana (1&2)

Taquería Por Siempre Vegana (1&2)

Taquería Por Siempre Vegana has a small cult following. It is an always busy taco stand that is completely vegan and focuses on serving a wide variety of meat substitutes. Truly some of the best tacos and tortas in the city, vegan or not. Al pastor is the shining jewel in their menu and rightly so. It’s just a perfect blend of heat, fat, and acidity. Their version of chorizo is somewhat more spicy and is a must try. Pro-tip: grab your plate and take a seat on the bench right across the street.
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