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Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is a vibrant coastal city at the heart of a beautiful region teeming with outdoor adventures, gorgeous beaches and delicious fresh produce and seafood. A fascinating history dating back to the convict era adds to the allure. Australia’s biggest population of coastal koalas is here, on the mid North Coast of New South Wales. And the region is famous for its Hastings River oysters and its vineyards produce award-winning wines. From local culinary delights to splendid natural beauty, Port Macquarie is a picture-perfect gem to visit.
Basel, Switzerland

Travel video of Basel

This video was created in cooperation with Travel Me Happy and Switzerland Tourism. We will take you through Basel and you will see many breathtaking places such as: The iconic Minster, the beautiful Rhine and the verious museums. Enjoy! #LoveBasel #BaselSwitzerland


The small town of Haugesund offers a broad spectrum of natural beauty, ranging from a vast and wild coastline to snow-capped mountains with cascading waterfalls flowing into the fjords. It is known as the Homeland of the Vikings, as the area used to hold the royal seat of ancient Viking Kings. Today it is a prime travel destination that encapsulates everything Norway has to offer: fjords, waterfalls, mountains, rugged coasts, and an eclectic city culture full of fascinating history and a forward-thinking spirit.


Located in South of France, Carcassonne is situated at the crossing of two major routes: from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast and from the heart of France to Spain, both used since antiquity. It is a beautiful and diversified region but the city itself has enough to fulfil your curiosity. The medieval fortified Cité is a UNESCO world heritage site. No wonder that Carcassone is home to a unique historical and cultural past. If you add the local traditional dishes, the hospitality of its inhabitants and some of the best vineyards in the south of France, your stay will be a most memorable one!
Bruges, Belgium

Bruges in 60 seconds

This is #Bruges in 60 seconds. Video by Basel Photography & Film:

Saint Petersburg

Welcome to the majestic and truly tourist-friendly city – Saint Petersburg! Touch its history, taste the spicy mixture of cultures, breathe in the Northern crispy air, listen to the music of Neva river waves, contemplate white sleepless nights! Both headlong entertainment and total cultural exposure await you here! Day in and day out brand-new developments in infrastructure and event venues keep changing the city’s image due to cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Come here by yourself and discover your own Saint Petersburg!
Lübeck, Germany


A colourful festival in the heart of Lübeck's Old Town. The people of Lübeck unite to create something special and unique to welcome their guests and show them true hospitality.


Växjö is the very heart of southeast Sweden – in the middle of Småland, in the middle of southern Sweden. There is a lot to see, experience and do here – unique shops and world-class restaurants. A thriving culture and art programme, an intimate café culture and several award-winning culinary eating-houses. If you would like to experience genuine Småland nature, take one of the many cycle and footpaths straight out into the forests! A kingdom of crystal is just around the corner, as is the kingdom of furniture. Welcome!
Fort Myers

Art Walk and Music Walk

For some cultural entertainment, add Fort Myers's Art Walks and Music Walks to your agenda: these free happenings animate the social scene of the downtown River District at fixed times every month, while shops, art galleries and restaurants stay open until late at night, providing drinks on the sidewalk. The Art Walk takes place every first Friday of the month, 6pm-10pm, and features 13 art galleries which offer self-guided tours and meet-ups with the artists. The Music Walk starts every third Friday of the month at 7pm, with bands and singers taking over the streets, performing in a wide range of music genres.
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Fort Myers

Chosen as a winter refuge by Thomas Edison at the turn of the last century, Fort Myers sits away from busier and more opulent Florida centers, maintaining the carefree, low-key atmosphere of a sea town. Assuming beach life is Fort Myers's only attraction would be a mistake - the town center boasts a vibrant street life, with a plethora of indie art galleries and interesting spots for history and science lovers. The area's natural beauty continues inland, where protected animal species take shelter among mangroves and narrow bayou bends.
Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao only opened in 1997, but it has since become one of the most revered and celebrated buildings in the world. The museum’s collection focuses primarily on 20th-century American and European art. Just like the popular saying, it's not just the outside that counts - but it's pretty important for this museum. Architect Frank Gehry designed the building with the vision of ''letting the randomness of the curves catch the light". After the opening of the museum, the building was said to be one of the masterpieces of the 20th century.
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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood

Mysterious and spellbinding, elaborate and of historic significance. A sightseeing gem above the surface of the poetic Griboedova Canal, the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood strikes viewers' imagination with its incredible ambience from the outside and ingenious interiors inside. Skillful fingers of the best Russian artisans of the day decorated the Church with shimmering mosaics, Italian varicoloured marble, Ural and Altai semi-precious stones, and a huge collection of Russian heraldry.
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