The Best Travel Guide to Helsingborg Region
Provided by: Familjen Helsingborg

S:t Petri Church

This world-famous church is an architectural masterpiece that exudes simplicity. It was designed by Sigurd Lewerentz and consecrated in 1966. It is one of Sweden’s most accomplished churches in architectural terms. The entrance can be quite hard to find, but it was deliberately built that way, to represent the difficulty of finding the gateway to the kingdom of God. The font is made of a white mussel shell from the Indian Ocean, placed on a raised area that resembles a rock. All the details have been carefully planned and executed, and all symbolize an event or aspect of Christian faith. Guided tours on request.
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Toy World

Toy World is an experience for both kids and grown-ups. It's neither a play centre nor a traditional toy historic museum, but an amazing world built with toy exhibitions, play zone, cool arcade and amusement games, spooky room and fun activities. Toy World is one of a kind with its combination of minilands and showcase exhibitions. Unique in both what’s exhibited and the way it’s done. Experience 500 sqm with thousands of toys from the 1960's until today, trains and slot tracks, music, sound, light and motion effects (that you can activate by pressing buttons). If you look at each toy for one second it takes you several hours! So you should take your time - and don't miss any of the clever details. A perfect adventure for anyone who wants to spend quality time with family and friends, while having a trip down memory lane. Suits all toy interested, families, grandparents, collectors, schools, companies, societies and tourists.
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Dunkers Culture House

Discover cool culture at Dunkers culture house in Helsingborg. Dunkers stands on the water´s edge in Helsingborg. There are plenty of things to see and do for visitors of all ages, all under one roof. There’s an art gallery, exhibitions about local history and cultural history, a music stage, theatre, dance and various activities for children and young people. Dunkers Kulturhus is a modern counterpart to Kronborg Castle on the other side of the Öresund Sound. The deep window recesses mirror those of the Danish castle. The building is home to a restaurant, bistro, tourist information office and shop.
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Guided tour on the Rönne River

Join us aboard the Laxen for a guided sightseeing tour of Ängelholm! The tour will take you along the river Rönne, Skåne’s Amazon, as it meanders through the city centre. The trip with Laxen (Swedish for salmon) departs from the landing stage at the centrally located City Hall and passes under 8 bridges on its way out to the Skälderviken marina. Here, the boat will be moored for a short break (approx. 25 minutes), giving you the opportunity perhaps to indulge in an ice cream and take a stroll around the marina before we set sail for the city centre again, bringing us back to the landing stage at City Hall. The trip will take approximately 2 hours and the guided tour on the outward journey is offered in both Swedish and English.
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Helsingborg Concert Hall

The Concert Hall is a functional building with acclaimed acoustics and a wide range for both Young and old people with artistic elite, consert hall chorus and not least Helsingborgs own symphony. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra holds regular concerts in the house where you play both older and more modern classical works. Several invited artists often offers performances of various kinds. Themes may include jazz, 60's music, humor, gospel music and solo performances. They also serve in both preschool and school children in special concerts and performances for children.
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Bike ride on Ven

Ven is the legendary island where astronomer Tycho Brahe’s spirit lives on and pink mallow sways in the ditch banks. Bring your bike, or rent one, and experience the island from the saddle. You own the skies and the sea as you pedal along at a leisurely pace. The climate is so mild that durum wheat thrives here. Barley is also grown, and is used to produce the island’s very own whisky at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn. Head down to the quay at St Ibb’s Church at lunchtime and buy freshly smoked herrings.
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Horse riding

Wherever you look in Skåne, you’re bound to see a horse. This is our favourite beast of all. There are many different breeds of horse, and plenty of places where you can ride. As well as the sheer joy of riding, getting up on horseback is a perfect way of coming into close contact with nature, and of covering lots of ground in a short time. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can go riding through leafy beech forests or along the beach. Amiable Icelandic horses that jog along at a moderate pace are available at Spelmansgården in Ängelholm or Kullabergs Islandshästar. The scenery and rich wildlife of Söderåsen are best enjoyed from a western saddle on a good-natured Haflinger horse from Söderåsens Turridning. Westfield Hästsafari, between Båstad and Torekov, offers riding at Hovs Hallar, through apple groves and at full gallop. If you’d like to try riding an Ardennes horse, you can do so on Hven. Many of the tours welcome children and novices. All you need to bring is a pair of sturdy shoes. Horses and helmets are available for hire.
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