The Best Travel Guide to Varberg
Provided by: Owe Olsson

World Heritage Grimeton

The radio station in Grimeton was opened in 1925 for wireless radio links and today represents a unique technological heritage. In 2004 it was included on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites and today the facility, with its six accompanying aerial towers, is the last remaining example of what was once a worldwide network of long wave stations. Guided tours of the radio station are available as well as a visitor and information center containing both a café and a shop. For more information and opening hours visit
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Ästad Vineyard

From the beginning, Ästad Vineyard was just a traditional farm but is now winning prizes as the area's most inspiring environment for meetings and activities. You can enjoy both activities at the farm, the food at the restaurant as well as interacting with the nature in the spa. The activities at Ästad are constantly evolving - the popular "Prisoners on the farm" has been with them a long time and is still the most popular activity, closely followed by their high rope course with zip lines, wine tastings, and of course, their Senses Spa in which you find the world's only underwater sauna. In the spring of 2011 Ästad Vineyard planted 15,000 logs of the grape Solaris and their own wine was first served to guests in 2015. You can experience vineyard hikes and tastings, where the vineyard sommeliers and winemakers share their expertise in these areas.
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Öströö Sheepfarm

In the middle of the beech forest, you find Öströö sheep farm, presenting one of Sweden's largest stocks of Gotlandish sheep as well as a great stock of Highland Cattle cows. At the farm, there is a handicraft shop where they sell sheepskin products and straw work. There is also a butcher's shop where they sell their own ecological products, including tasty lamb and other delicacies. You can also go on an exciting lamb safari on Öströö's beautiful premises to see the lively lambs and furry cows.
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The seafront promenade

Strandpromenaden, the seafront promenade, was built in 1912 and is a popular walking area for both visitors and locals. In any weather, people can be seen walking from Kallbadhuset in the north to Apelviken in the south. Here one can meet both joggers and cyclists. Enjoy the fresh scent from the sea, salt and seaweed as you walk along the promenade, passing cliffs, beaches, and the famous nudist beaches. Sheltered from the wind in Kärleksparken you find a beach café serving snacks, daily specials, and coffee.
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There are several establishments in Varberg offering a number of different treatments and spa packages, whether it be facials, body treatments or why not get a make-up consultation before the evening activities. As a visitor, you also have the opportunity to work out during your stay. Since Swedes are very health conscious and enjoy various types of fitness and training, you can find a range of different fitness centers, sports facilities, and health clubs. For more information visit
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In Varberg, there are many beautiful places where you can fish. You can find both popular fishing waters as well as more obscure fishing spots that will amaze you with their charming landscape. From areas suitable for sports fishing to charming lakes where you can bring the whole family. Many of the fishing areas offer discounted prices or free fishing for children accompanied by adults. There are several fishing areas in Varberg, for more information and fishing permits visit or Coastal fishing The harbors are suitable places for coastal fishing and you can, among other things, catch flatfish. The sandy beaches are also ideal for catching flatfish. Sea trout and garfish can be found at many places, such as the peninsular of Rödskär, Subbe, Getterön, and Norra Näs. Fishing for salmon and trout is prohibited within the coastal waters from 1 October to 31 March. Fishing for cod, haddock and bleak/pollack is prohibited, with a trawl, from 1 January to 31 March. Fishing trips Fishing trips with Clipper, more information at Fishing trips with Fladenbåtarna, more information at
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Snorkel trail

The snorkel trail is about 300 meters long and extends over sandy bottoms, eelgrass beds, and seaweed-covered rocks. There are thirteen buoys which lead down to the signs that are stuck in a concrete foundation on the seabed. The signs offer exciting reading under the water for those who want to learn more about marine animals and plant life. To snorkel you must be able to swim. The white buoys are located in shallow water while the red ones are located in deeper water. The depth can vary depending on the low and high tide, but the maximum depth is about three meters and minimum depth is approximately one meter. It is important to never snorkel alone and think about safety. If a station feels too difficult, it is better to skip it.
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Åkulla Beech Forests

The area has been designated as a “Tourist Area” which is considered to be of particularly great interest for tourists. These incredibly beautiful beech forests are situated about 25 km east of Varberg, with outstanding viewing points, numerous lakes, long-distant footpaths, and unique sights. Åkulla is seen today as one of Sweden´s foremost beech forest areas when it comes to diversity of unusual and threatened species. For more information about hiking trails, accommodation, restaurants and sights visit
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