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Hüxstraße and Fleischhauerstraße

Hüxstraße and Fleischhauerstraße in the heart of the city provide an enchanting mix of small and up-market shops with a great deal of Olde Worlde charm. By turning into the so-called "rib streets" away from the hustle and bustle of Breite Straße, you will enter into the narrow brick world of old Lübeck and will find many treasures within the winding lanes. Fleischhauerstraße and "Hüx" - as it is called by the locals - are two good examples of how an extremely vibrant shopping culture all of its own can develop away from the classic boulevards. The traders are often in listed buildings and know exactly how to use the limited space to display their wares without losing the historical atmosphere. There is a higher-than-average number of owner-run shops which means that many purchases earn the "typically Lübeck" title which makes them a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.
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Königstraße lies parallel to the pedestrian area of Breite Straße. Culture meets trade here and modern hustle and bustle meets historic façades. Shopping, suppliers replenishing stocks mingled with busy Lübeckers on the way to their next appointment - it all goes on here. When you shop here, you are right in the thick of true Lübeck everyday life. Mühlenstraße and Koberg are connected by the long shopping mile but it also has many other different guises. Real treasure troves such as Boutique Geoffreys, the furniture shop Gunilla or the goldsmiths "das kleine kra" sit like small pearls dotted along a chain of everyday use. But differences exist here too. Even if you're just really looking for a nice birthday card, you'll often end up in the in-house gallery at Hünicke again, or looking for a few new towels in Betten Struve with its spacious and light-filled premises. It all can turn into a relaxing time-out away from the bustling crowded streets. A real Must for any Lübecker is a quick detour into Buchhaus Hugendubel. You'll find that the contents of many a Lübecker's entire living room bookcase - spanning pre-school reading to the first romantic novel up to current political biographies - all came from here. If from here you go towards Koberg, you will be getting closer to some of the top artistic addresses in Königstraße. One of these is the Löwen Apotheke with its listed façade and magical conversions in its interior. But it is in the Kunsthaus Lübeck with selected works of Classical Modern and contemporary art where it all really comes together. And when strolling through the exhibitions in the Behnhouse diagonally opposite, you can quite well imagine how a time-honoured Lübeck merchant must have felt in his own home. After so many impressions, a little light refreshment sounds good. Pop into one of the small side streets such as Pfaffenstraße or Glockengießerstraße for this. You'll find the the Günter Grass-House there too, by the way, as well as the Chocolaterie Amaro - two of Lübeck's finest Old Town tips!
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Breite Straße

There's no way fashion victims and shopping friends can get round it: The Breite Straße in Lübeck is only accessible to pedestrians and is a welcome spot for bargain hunters with its broad pavements and great variety of shops. Famous brands such as Esprit, Gerry Weber, Hallhuber and Street One are all in close proximity to the shopping Mecca of Karstadt and also the popular TKMaxx outlet store. The most widely used "gateway" to the Breite Straße is "Kohlmarkt". The Haerder Center is a shopping mall with many trendy labels and stores, for example the only Pandora store in Lübeck. The center is located along with the traditional shoe shop Schümann which offers shoes for the entire family over its three floors. Of course, there are also jewellers and perfume shops. And the parent company of the most famous Lübeck delicacy is located here: Café Niederegger, the birthplace of marzipan. With so much choice, carrier bags often tend to become rather heavy. Perfect for taking a quick break. Relax with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the heart of the pedestrian area and enjoy a bit of people-watching, too. Traditional restaurants such as the Seafarer's Guild are great for a longer time-out or look out for a sunny spot in the square with an exclusive view of the historic Town Hall.
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Markets & regional products

Shopping in Lübeck isn't just done indoors. Besides the weekly market and the tourist market right at the foot of the Town Hall, practically every district has its own weekly market. The open-air shopping centres are genuine suppliers of fresh seasonal fruit and veg and provide a beneficial exchange between Lübeck and its surrounding area. Potatoes, apples, asparagus, strawberries or cabbage all thrive in the immediate surrounding areas and only have a short distance to travel to the consumer. This is sustainability from its best side. The following markets can be found in the Lübeck city. You are bound to find one nearby: from 8 am - 1 pm respectively: Mon: Meesenkaserne and Travemünde Tues: Brink Wed: Brolingsplatz, Hasenweg and Schlutup, Mecklenburger Straße Thurs: Meesenkaserne, Brink, Travemünde Fri: Hanseplatz, Moisling and Kücknitz, Kirchplatz Sat: Brolingsplatz and Brink from 10.30 am - 7.00 pm respectively Mon: Markt/Rathausmarkt Thurs: Markt/Rathausmarkt from 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm respectively Fri: Buntekuh, opposite from Buntekuh shopping centre Travemünde: 1st May - 30th Sept: 8.00 am - 2.00 pm 1st Oct - 30th April: 8.00 am - 1.00 pm
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Sunday opening in Lübeck

Shop without the constraints of time and everyday obligations. Have fun and relax while shopping in Lübeck. The Sunday opening days in the Hanseatic city are always an event. The city rouses itself from its Sunday slumbers between 1 pm and 6 pm. A great many shops open their doors and have attractive promotions on offer. They turn a Sunday stroll through Lübeck's Old Town into a lovely, relaxing shopping event. The CITTI PARK Lübeck also opens its doors on these Sunday afternoons and provides eager shoppers with everything under one roof. Different mottoes are selected for the Sunday openings, accompanied by music and a wide variety of events in and around the shops to make shopping even more fun. Enjoy the colourful life of Lübeck's town centre on the following Sunday afternoons: 05.03.2017 "Hello Spring" 11.06.2017 "Lübeck Sounds" 01.10.2017 Harvest Festival 05.11.2017 59. Nordic Film Days
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Rotspon - Red wine from Lübeck

The beginning of the red wine trade in Lübeck dates back to the 13th century. At that time the first ships of the Hanseatic League sailed to the French coast in order to buy Bordeaux wine. However it was no sooner then 1530 that the red wine trade became important for Lübeck, because back than Thomas Bugenhagen was the first merchant who imported larger quantities of French red wine. He is said to have ordered his cellar master to allow the wine to mature so that its good properties may fully develop and turn the drinker into a happy and sociable person instead of a loud and boisterous one. Since that time French red wine is brought to Lübeck to get “refined and cultivated”. The surprising improvement of quality as a consequence of the storage in Lübeck’s wine cellars was first perceived in 1806 by French officers. After Napoleon’s army had occupied the city of Lübeck, the officers noticed that the Bordeaux-wines stored in Lübeck’s wine-cellars tasted much better than the Bordeaux-wines at home. Back home they started to investigate the “Bordeaux-wine case” thoroughly. They filled several wine-casks at Bordeaux, all of them with the same wine. Some of those casks were left in Bordeaux and the others were brought to Lübeck to store them. After an adequate period of time for maturing and storage a tasting of both wines showed that the French officers were right. But even until now an explanation could not be found. It may be the climate in Lübeck in connection with the temperature in Lübeck’s wine-cellars that has a better effect on the wine than that in Bordeaux. Rotspon originally meant red-wine being stored in a wooden cask. Until today “Lübecker Rotspon” stands for high quality wine - and it has the same good reputation as the famous marzipan. Wine tasting in Lübeck There are different wine-trading companies with a rich history. Two of them are indicated below. In their historic stores in Lübeck’s Old Town they offer wine tasting evening events. The wine-tasting events cover topics such as Wine & chocolate, Wine & cheese and they present wines from different wine-growing regions of the world. For groups these wine-tasting offers can be booked on request. H.F. von Melle Beckergrube 86 23552 Lübeck Phone: +49 (0) 451 - 710 50 Web: E-Mail: CARL TESDORPF Mengstraße 64 23552 Lübeck Phone: +49 (0) 451 - 79 92 70 Web: E-Mail:
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