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2014 is Limerick’s time to shine. Why? Simple. This historic city, sitting pretty on the banks of the River Shannon, is Ireland’s first ever City of Culture. Limerick is a perfect fit to take up this mantle. This, after all, is where Frank McCourt set his novel, Angela’s Ashes. It’s a city peppered with galleries, lorded over by King John’s Castle and awash with elegantly crumbling Georgian architecture - but it also boasts a thriving street art scene, a lively festival schedule and a mouth-watering foodie crossroads in the Milk Market.

No matter when you visit, you’ll be able to explore streets and galleries chocabloc with film, theatre, dance, literature and the visual arts. And there really is something for everyone to fall in love with…


Population 183,863
Currency 1 Euro = 100 cents
Opening hours Offices: 0900-1700
Shops: 1000-1800
Newspapers Several local newspapers are published in the city, including:
The Limerick Post
The Evening Echo
The Limerick Leader
Whazon, for local event listings
Leaflets available in cafes and art venues
Emergency numbers 999
Tourist information Limerick City Tourist Office
Arthurs Quay. Limerick
Tel +353 61 317522