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Drop anchor in Karlskrona, the city founded in 1680, when Charles XI decided to build the country's new naval base here. 340 years later, the naval base remains, and the well-preserved architecture and city plan impressed Unesco, which gave Karlskrona World Heritage status in 1998. Wherever you go, you can see magnificent churches and squares, parade streets and fortifications that attract visitors from all over the world. All this on several islands in an archipelago that Unesco has designated as one of seven biosphere reserves in Sweden.

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Moscow is a city of contrasts where the bohemian and the glamorous merge in an idiosyncratic fusion – do not be surprised to find a golden-domed 16th-century church next to an ultra-modern glass skyscraper or a Soviet blockhouse. Here, salty fish eggs (caviar) are washed down with bubbly champagne, and worn-out commuters travel by the elaborately decorated, elegant metro, one of the city's main attractions.

Boston, MA

Long known for its old-world charm, from the historic Faneuil Hall to the Freedom Trail that celebrates Boston’s preeminent role in the American Revolution, Boston has come a long way towards staking its claim in the 21st century. With the completion of the “Big Dig” that buried Boston’s vast network of highways underground, Boston has hit the new century running. Attractions span beautiful public libraries, fascinating museums and plenty of sports. Boston is destined to grow ever more beautiful as more and more of the ungainly elevated highways are replaced with lush parks.


Often ranked among the best cities to live in, Copenhagen is a Nordic haven where the concept of 'hygge', embracing cosiness and contentment, permeates every corner. Copenhagen's charm lies in its ability to foster both the cutting-edge and the timeless, offering a multifaceted experience that appeals to the modern adventurer and history enthusiast alike. Jump on a bike and wander through its charming neighbourhoods, discover innovative architecture, savour world-class cuisine, and recharge your batteries in one of its many green spaces.


With the best climate in Spain, Tenerife is a place to kick back and relax. This island, crowned by Mount Teide, has picturesque villages, incredible landscapes and idyllic beaches. Enjoy nightly fiestas and discover why over five million people have chosen this Island as their holiday destination.


Lanzarote has it all: sunny skies, pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. But its natural wonders go beyond the obvious. With over 300 volcanic peaks, the island boasts a lunar landscape with shades of pink, purple and ochre. Hidden beneath the surface lie caves, tunnels and lakes, begging to be explored. Surf enthusiasts will find a paradise here, with perfect waves throughout the year. Rumour has it that Lanzarote was once part of the lost city of Atlantis. Come discover this unique gem of Spain's Canary Islands.


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The majestic 'City of Sails' is surrounded by water, which defines its sparkling appeal. The magnificent harbour is reminiscent of other famous waterside cities but with its own unique charm. Auckland has a rich maritime history, shaping its identity as a seafaring city. Auckland is relatively small geographically, which makes it a pleasure to explore on foot, and with its dynamic population, the city has more of a cosmopolitan, sophisticated feel to it and an easy, friendly atmosphere.

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