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Gunillaberg, Bottnaryd

You find this mansion in the beautiful forest in Bottnaryd on the highlands of Småland, surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere, ponds and streams. Gunillabergs mansion outside of Bottnaryd, Jonkoping, had its heyday during the 1600s. Queen Kristina used it as a hunting lodge, but honored it in 1642 for military Johan Printz. Johan Printz was governor of the Swedish colony New Sweden, near Delaware. When he got home, he was, among other things, the county chief in Jönköping County and then made Gunillaberg to his residence. The farm is named after John Printzs mother Gunilla. The Danish artist Tage Andersen took over the mansion in 2008 and has his studio, gallery and boutique. A Beautiful and interesting literatures is also placed there.
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The City Park - Stadsparken

One of our finest assets, the over 100 year old city park located on the hills with panoramic views over Vättern and the city. It's an oasis within wlaking distance from the city centre. This park is surrounded by a beautiful nature for both adult and children – there is something for the whole family. Stroll around and visit the bird museum, arboretum, animals, kiosks & restaurants, mini golf, dance hall and the municipality's largest playground. For sports fans there is Stadsparksvallen, the home arena for the local soccer team.
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Rosenlundsbadet, Jönköping’s biggest heated bath, is located nearby Elmia. The swimming hall gives you a water adventure with both outdoor- and indoor pools. In our adventure water park, we guarantee a great experience for all ages. Jump around in the powerful wave pool, go with the flow or relax in the jacuzzi. Or why not compete against your mates - who is the fastest in the water slide? Rosenlundsbadet offers something for everyone: water slides, waves, waterfall, relax, gym and sauna with different kinds of themes.
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Gränna & Visingsö

Gränna and Visingsö are unmissable destinations offering enchanting views, manor houses, cobbled roads, bicycle rides, idyllic wooden cabins, castle ruins, paths and oak forests. Gränna was founded by Count Per Brahe the Younger in 1652. At Grenna museum, you can learn about S.A. Andrée’s adventurous balloon voyage over the North Pole. The three-man expedition party departed from Svalbard on 11 July 1897. The sweetest thing in Gränna is definitely its mint rock. The authentic mint rock is red and white but today it comes in infinite flavours. The island of Visingsö is just a 30-minute boat ride away. Ideal for a daytrip. It includers attraqctions like the ruined Näs Castle, Sweden’s first royal residence. You can also hike or take a special horse-drawn carriage (known as a remmalag) and enjoy a bicycle ride around the island.
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