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Little Rock Lake Zipline

Via eleven stations made up of towers, trees and cliff ledges, you swish along among the treetops. You soar over pools and ravines. At the highest point you are 32 metres in the air and reach a speed of 70 km an hour. When you pause at the stations, a guide tells you about nature in Kronoparken and Småland wildlife. Travel by zip line is quiet, increasing the odds of seeing elk and roe deer The zip line is suitable for everyone from ages 7 to 80. There are two courses with different degrees of difficulty. The family course is shorter and takes about an hour, while the entire course is 1,550 metres in length, making the adventure last twice as long.
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Try glassblowing at Kosta Glass Centre

Kosta Glass Centre offers hands-on activities for old and young. You can choose to blow a sphere, a drinking glass or a bowl. You then can choose which colour you want the glass to be and whether or not it should have a pattern. When the choices have been made, it’s just a matter of getting started with the production. Together with a glassblower, you will manipulate the molten glass and watch how it takes shape. By the following day, your finished product will have had time to cool and be ready to pick up.
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In The Kingdom of Crystal we have an Moose guarantee. There are two moose parks here. Grönåsen’s Moose Park outside of Kosta and Glasriket’s Moose Park outside of Nybro. Here you can get a close view of the king of the forest. If you are lucky you may even get to feed this majestic animal. Adjacent to both parks are grilling amenities and shops to purchase moose souvenirs. Grönåsens Moosepark – Kosta Tel: +46 478-50770 Glasriket’s Moose Park– Långa Slät, Nybro
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Svartbäcksmåla Recreation Area

A recreation area in Nybro with jogging loops, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, an outdoor gym and a natural playground. In winter the jogging track becomes an excellent cross-country ski trail, and the slalom slope is an uphill training challenge in summer. Throughout the year the Svartbäcksmåla outdoor recreation area is a popular destination for those who enjoy being in nature – to train or to take a leisurely walk. The marked trails create summertime opportunities for hiking and running. There is also an outdoor gym in the area for strength training, and for children there is an awesome adventure park. The nature reserve is an interesting nature and cultural area, with traces from the ice age as well as from tar trenches and charcoal kilns
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