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Copenhagen is an old city with historic buildings, royal castles, beautiful parks and harbours, and plenty of attractions and activities to keep even the most eager tourist busy. The city centre is characterised by charming architecture and narrow curving streets. But within recent years Copenhagen has supplemented its architectural heritage with new, world-class architecture. It is easy to explore the city and get around, and many sights are within walking distance from one another. You can always catch a bus or take the metro to get around, or rent a bike and travel the Danish way.

Visit Carlsberg

The legendary landmark known for its world-famous Danish beer is closed for modernisation until 2020. Although the Visitor Centre will not be open to the public until then, the Jacobsen’s brewery will continue to brew Jacobsen beer (Jacobsen Restaurant and Bar will be closed). Carlsberg Brand Store are open Tuesday to Thursday between 11:00 and 15:00. Carlsberg Conference Centre, Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre and New Carlsberg Brewhouse will still be open for events every day of the week during the construction period. Follow the process on social media channels: Facebook: Visitcarlsberg Instagram: Visitcarlsberg LinkedIn: Visit Carlsberg
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Freetown Christiania

This city within a city is a self-proclaimed autonomous community, home to about 800 permanent residents who took over this abandoned military complex in 1971. The “Freetown” they created was controversial at first, but with its heavy emphasis on tolerance, community and ecology it eventually gained recognition from the government and has since endured as a “social experiment.” The infamous “Pusher Street” can be a little intimidating, but beyond it the beautiful homes and gardens of the alternative and free-thinking residents lie.
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National Gallery of Denmark

Statens Museum for Kunst, the Danish national gallery, is the only place in Denmark that features 700 years of Western art and cultural history under one roof. Consequently, a visit to the museum means an artistic encounter between classical, modern and contemporary art, just as the museum building itself that represents a fusion of new and old. In addition to the permanent exhibition the museum is also highly capable of delivering temporary exhibitions of international quality and outlook.
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Guided Tours

Copenhagen is small enough to experience it by foot. But if you do not know where the good sights and you are wondering what to do, remember that there are lots of excellent guided tours. Copenhagen is known for its maritime feel and vibe. There are many ways to explore the city but one of the best ways is on a boat tour. One popular company that provides boat tours is Canal Tours Copenhagen, provided by the Stromma Company. The boat will take you to The Copenhagen Opera House, Amalienborg Palace, Black Diamon Library and the Little Mermaid. So, relax, take a seat and enjoy the calming feeling of the rocking boat!
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National Museum of Denmark

Where can you learn about the history of the Danes from the first hunters of the Ice Age to the last hash stall from the ‘free state’ of Christiania? And where can you see one of the world’s biggest collections of exhibits from cultures all over the planet? The National Museum of Denmark is a must-see for every visitor of the city of Copenhagen. As Denmark’s most important and largest cultural and historical museum it hosts a broad variety of fascinating exhibitions.
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