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Stella Artois

Stella Artois is part of AB Inbev, a true world player. AB Inbev is the largest brewery group in the world. It has its roots in Sebastiaan Artois' brew pub. In 1708 he achieved the rank of master brewer and started his own brewery. In 1928 the Artois brewery brewed a special Christmas beer. Because it was so bright it was given the name 'Stella' - Latin for star. The beer became so popular that it was very soon being drunk throughout the year. The first Stella was brewed in the protected historic building "De Hoorn". This Stella Artois birthplace has been renovated and is now an innovative meeting place for creative minds. Stella Artois became one of the most popular pilsner beers in Belgium and in the late 20th century also began to make headway abroad. Stella Artois is available in 80 countries where it is positioned as an international luxury beer.
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A must for true beer lovers: the home brewery of Domus is unique. Three homemade beers flow directly from the brewery via a 'pipeline' to the tap installation of Domus. Fresher than fresh! You can sample the Nostra Domus, an amber-coloured beer, and the Con Domus, an unfiltered lager, all year round. In winter Domus brews its signature beer Nen Engel, a dark Christmas ale with a rich aroma and bittersweet taste. You can visit the brewery by appointment. Our guide will show and explain you the brewery process. After the guided tour there is a tasting session where you can enjoy the home-brewed beers.
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