Washington, D.C. - Shopping
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Friendship Heights

Next stop Maryland. In the far northwest of the city, the swanky Friendship Heights area is home to some of the most exclusive retail outlets in DC. Along with designer stores including Banana Republic and the furniture manufacturer Pottery Barn, the Mazza Gallerie mall is another upscale establishment featuring a variety of costly boutiques. Neiman Marcus fashion is based here while a short walk further along Wisconsin Avenue will get you to Tiffany, St-Laurent Rive Gauche and Cartier.
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The ’daddy’ of places to shop in DC, Georgetown has something to keep everyone happy. This is where most of the big chains are located - Zara, Urban Outfitters, H&M and Victoria’s Secret are based here and, despite Georgetown’s cobbled street charm, retail development is ongoing. Seek out Barnes & Noble’s wonderfully old-fashioned flagship store where book lovers will be in their element. For designer fiends, Ralph Lauren is among several high-class stores scattered about the neighborhood. There are plenty of smaller, more alternative boutiques in addition to an abundance of music, art and antique shops to keep bargain hunters busy. Look out for Georgetown’s largest gallery, Creighton-Davis (3222 M St, NW), and Village Art & Craft (1353 Wisconsin Ave, NW) for funky, ethnic jewelry and knick-knacks.
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