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Eden is a four floor club/lounge complete with a beautiful rooftop. Walking up to the first floor, you will instantly feel as though you have been transported to a hedonist’s paradise. The mock waterfalls behind the bamboo-fronted bar, jungle-esque decor and leveled VIP provide an instant escape from office and government buildings throughout Washington. Eden's second floor provides a more traditional, club-like atmosphere, with extended VIP, top 40/mash up and club kids dressed to impress. The third floor, known as the Forbidden Room, is open based on capacity. Its intimate setting allows for an up close and personal experience with the DJ as well as a calming alternative to the fruitful garden below.
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Sign of the Whale

Sign of the Whale, an 18th Street landmark for nearly one-half century located in Mid-Town is the most dynamic establishment in DC to combine both work and play. The venue offers lunch, brunch, dinner, upbeat nightlife or an exciting place to watch a sports game. Sign of the Whale is equipped with state of the art technology including digital surround sound: nine 50 inch, six 42 inch and one 72 inch plasma screen TVs and live satellite broadcasts featuring East and West Coast (college and professional) sports and events.
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