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The narrow, cobbled streets of Alghero’s medieval citadel, packed with boutiques, bars and restaurants, slope towards the harbour and sweeping bay. Built in a buttery sandstone that glows a soft apricot shade in the setting sun, it’s Sardinia’s most picturesque Old Town. Spanish-style palazzos and street signs in Italian and Catalan reflect its proud heritage - 300 years of Aragon rule. Fringed by pine forests, long sandy beaches, hotels and bars curve away towards green headlands. It’s an idyllic setting.


Population 43,000
Currency 1 Euro = 100 cents
Opening hours Most shops open from 09.00-13.00 and 16.00/17.00-20.00, Monday to Saturday. In the peak summer months they can stay open until 23.00 or later. There’s also a siesta, typically from 13.00 to 18.00. Many restaurants and bars are closed one day a week, usually mid-week.
Newspapers L’Unione Sarda
La Nuova Sardegna
Corriere della Sera, Italy’s main daily
Emergency numbers General: 113
Police: 113
Fire: 115
Ambulance: 118
Tourist information Alghero Tourist Information Office
Piazza Porta Terra 9
Opening hours: 08.00-20.00, Monday to Saturday
+39 079 979 054