Provided by: LTM-Manfred Krellenberg


In her charming café in the „Große Petersgrube“ in the center of the Old Town of Lübeck Katharina Engelhardt offers fresh and home-baked American and French cakes as well as delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Find your place to enjoy life and to calm down on one of the three floors. In the basement you will find a spacious kids’ corner with toys and also seats for the parents. In front of the café there are a few seats for enjoying your coffee in the sun in the middle of the street.
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Neue Rösterei

Enjoy a rustic ambience with coffee bags hanging from the ceiling in the Neue Rösterei. The place to be if you want freshly brewed valuable coffee in a place that kind of feels like home. You can even get your hands on the different coffee beans and buy them on site. Take delight in a rich range of breakfast, sweet or hearty, until 2 p.m. You can still get yourself a freshly made slice of bread with different toppings - goats cheese with beetroot or salmon with scrambled eggs.
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