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Known as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester is one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in the UK, with a unique character all of its own. Manchester welcomes visitors with its fine traditions of culture, music, sport and top class events. Its vitality is expressed through its fascinating history, interactive attractions, magnificent architecture and most of all, the spirit of its people - ensuring that there’s always something to do in the Greater Manchester region.
Bruges, Belgium

Red Bull in Bruges - What tourists don't see

In an amazing video, Australian athlete Dominic Di Tommaso showcases our beautiful city of Bruges from an unseen perspective. As a tourist, Bruges’ typical canal boats are the perfect way to discover the fabulous city from the inside. Well, you might want to reconsider. World-class freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso reveals this stunning piece of UNESCO World Heritage from a completely different perspective in the amazing video ‘What tourists don’t see’. On and across the roofs, towers, stepped gables and even the Belfry of Bruges, Dominic invites us on an athletic, jump- and flip-filled journey along the most beautiful spots of the inner city. Always on the move, freerunning in its purest form.

Panama City, Central America

Panama City is an engaging and mysterious metropolis, a multifaceted place, born out of constant cultural exchanges and, at times, conflicts. It is a place worth being discovered, a city hanging in the balance: between South and North America, tradition and innovation, luxury and poverty, overlooked by the steel of skyscrapers and surrounded by sandy beaches and green forests. Enjoy the cosmopolitan Panama, wander through handicraft markets, large malls, local restaurants and have fun during the vibrant Panamanian nights.
Blekinge, Sweden

olofström outdoor

Paddeling on Halen is being in the wild. Experience The Lake District in Blekinge.
Basel, Switzerland

Travel video of Basel

This video was created in cooperation with Travel Me Happy and Switzerland Tourism. We will take you through Basel and you will see many breathtaking places such as: The iconic Minster, the beautiful Rhine and the verious museums. Enjoy! #LoveBasel #BaselSwitzerland
Seychelles, Seychelles

Diving & Snorkelling

The Seychelles' unique marine biodiversity and appealing crystal-clear waters create the perfect conditions for underwater discovery. For snorkelling, head to one of the best sites of the Indian Ocean - Sainte Anne Marine National Park - or take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks on Mahe. Diving is another way to get close and personal with reef inhabitants (humphead parrotfish, octopus, various types of sharks - including hammerhead, if you're in luck). Seychelles Underwater Centre
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A charm lies in its picturesque crescents and white-washed houses - the port city of Bodrum is a year-round travel resort. Nestled in the Western coast of Turkey, on a peninsula, it has developed into "Turkey's St. Tropez", fully living up to the name. Bodrum is significantly more than just sun, sand and sea, and today the town is one of the most important centres of trade, art and entertainment. This charming coastal town is a perfect example of traditional and modern life going along hand in hand in perfect harmony.


European explorers took what today is Praslin Island's nature reserve to be the original Garden of Eden, and no wonder – the primeval forest of Vallee de Mai has changed little over millions of years, and giant Aldabra tortoises still roam the archipelago populated by an incredible diversity of endemic plant and animal species. Out of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles only 12 are inhabited – by Homo sapiens, that is – making for splendidly pure natural landscapes, unspoilt beaches, and some of the world's most fantastic diving.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs, or 'The Alice', lies romantically in the heart of Australia, and it is unofficially considered as the Outback's capital. While it was regarded as a 'dead heart' during colonial times, thanks to the surrounding barren landscapes, today both residents and visitors recognise the physical and spiritual importance of Australia’s Centre, and it indeed is beating alive with Aboriginal traditions and sacred sites, a vibrant local art culture with a fascinating pioneering history, and for sure incredible landscapes still. Alice Springs is one of the most interesting places on the continent, and most people agree on that you have not seen the Outback at all until you will have seen Alice for once.
Panama City, Central America, Panama

Bocas del Toro

Of all the tourism destinations in Panama, Bocas del Toro is the place where you can have it all! During the day you can take a tour to any of the amazing islands of the archipelago, sail, sunbathe, swim, surf, snorkel, hike, ride a bicycle around town, and visit an indigenous village or a botanical garden. At night you can literally go bar hopping, participate in a talent night, go to a costume party, dance by a shipwreck and find excellent live music. The best of all this? There's no need to drive! Bocas is constantly changing and transforming itself. There’s always something new and by just walking down the streets you can already feel the energy of people coming and going, happy and lucky to be there.
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Manchester, United Kingdom

Hall i' th' Wood Museum

This Grade 1, 16th century half-timbered hall is one of the north-west’s most important buildings. Visitors can enjoy displays of 17th and early 18th century furniture, objects and artefacts, learn more about the life and work of Samuel Crompton and discover all about life in Stuart and Tudor times.The rooms have been accurately refurbished to retain their homely atmosphere. Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum started life as a rich merchant’s home during the mid-17th century. Years later the building was split into several rented dwellings and, whilst living in one of these with his family, Samuel Crompton famously invented the Spinning Mule in 1779. The mule went on to be one of the most significant spinning machines used by the textile industry. The house and grounds were presented to the people of Bolton in memory of Samuel Crompton and opened to the public as a museum in 1902.
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