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Xi'an, once called Chang'an, the City of Long-lasting Peace, tops the list of China's six ancient cities. The world-renowned ancient Silk Road starts here. To stand on this land is to be on the very soil where merchants from empires long relegated to the annals of history once moved, and many facets of its past as a trading post still live on in various forms. The variety of folk handicrafts that greets the visitor is bewildering. Just outside the city is the steepest mountain in the world, Hua Mountain. Here is where the pre-historic Lantian man was found, proving that human existence here dates back 500,000 years. With all this heritage behind it, Xi'an stands proud even in the face of its modernization, a spectacular testament of the magnificent legacy the Chinese are so proud of.
Basel, Switzerland

Travel video of Basel

This video was created in cooperation with Travel Me Happy and Switzerland Tourism. We will take you through Basel and you will see many breathtaking places such as: The iconic Minster, the beautiful Rhine and the verious museums. Enjoy! #LoveBasel #BaselSwitzerland


The Philippine capital is Asia’s best-kept secret. The capital of the Orient’s only catholic country seems somehow out of place, vibrant with Latin American or Caribbean undertones. Music and dancing are everywhere, and the smiles and laughter rival Bangkok’s in their warmth and enthusiasm. Manila’s intense historical influences – Spanish religion and American consumerism – have led to the saying that the capital has spent “400 years in a convent and 50 in Hollywood.” The result is a city of extremes ready to delight the unsuspecting traveller.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Described by the New York Times as “a desert version of Miami's South Beach,” Scottsdale is Arizona’s biggest hit. The city is rich in culture and natural grandeur. The Scottsdale Arts District lends to proud attractions of galleries, studios, and museums, while architectural majesties like Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West supplement the city’s Western heritage. Its position on the northern stretches of the Sonoran Desert and the McDowell Mountain Range makes the Scottsdale experience a spectacular one.
Bruges, Belgium

Bruges in 60 seconds

This is #Bruges in 60 seconds. Video by Basel Photography & Film:


Pescara, the gateway to the rugged mountainous area of the Abruzzo region, is framed by the stunning snowy peaks of the Apennine Mountains. The land tumbles through the hilltop villages and down to the blue waters of the Adriatic Ocean. In the town of Pescara itself, the long ten-mile stretches of wide, clean and sandy beaches and superb food and wine explain why it is a favourite vacation getaway among Italian travellers seeking to enjoy both beach-side relaxation and mountain adventures.
Lübeck, Germany


A colourful festival in the heart of Lübeck's Old Town. The people of Lübeck unite to create something special and unique to welcome their guests and show them true hospitality.

Österåker - Roslagen

Österåker is a scenic island municipality in the northeastern part of the county of Stockholm. Here lives over 40 000 people and in summer doubles the population through time residents and visitors. The central town Åkersberga is located just under three mil northeast of Stockholm, or 30 minutes by car, bus or train. Österåker offers many opportunities for active recreation and beautiful living environments. The vision is to become the county's most attractive island municipality 2020.
Österåker - Roslagen, Sweden


A real archipelago island. Husarö island has everything that is usually associated with the archipelago environment. There are small red, wooden cottages, well grazed pastures, pine groves and cliffs and rocks upon which one can sunbathe. In addition, there are the descendants of local navigation pilots, a small pilot museum and plenty of swimming opportunities, And, not least, countless stories about everything from alcohol smugglers to the childrens author Elsa Beskow.
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Mykonos, Greece


If beach parties is what you're after, Mykonos will not disappoint. Check out the famous Paradise Beach and/or its younger sibling Super Paradise Beach for some of the hottest waterside bars and clubs that never sleep (dancing is often in full swing in broad daylight!). For a more relaxed, quieter experience head to Elia, Platis Gialos, Ornos, Panormos, Paranga or Agios Sostis Beaches - the latter is a real hidden gem tucked away far from the frenzied crowd in the island's north.
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