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The coast of dreams, ravaged by the Atlantic Ocean and lined by spectacular sandy beaches, where you will find towering cliffs sheltering small rock pools. The sea is teeming with life, and the crystal-clear water is perfectly alluring, whether you are dreaming of a relaxing swim or an adrenaline-pumped afternoon of extreme sports. If you shy away from the surf, you can admire the spectacular views from above as you stroll along the tops of the cliffs or wander back into town and into one of the many delightful gardens.


Santander is famous for its fabulous beaches and its elegant holidaymakers: King Alfonso XIII used to spend his summers here nearly a hundred years ago, and the town is still popular among fashionable madrileños who like to be seen sauntering along the El Sardinero seafront with its belle époque architecture. When the sun goes down and the bikinis are cast off, the town also has some great restaurants and a lively bar scene. It is also a good place from which to explore the pristine countryside of Cantabria.
Tasmania, Australia

Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo has a curious pull, with people coming even when they’re not sure how the art, music and food will be delivered. That’s because Dark Mofo keeps its cards close and it fails to disappoint time and again.


Located in South of France, Carcassonne is situated at the crossing of two major routes: from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast and from the heart of France to Spain, both used since antiquity. It is a beautiful and diversified region but the city itself has enough to fulfil your curiosity. The medieval fortified Cité is a UNESCO world heritage site. No wonder that Carcassone is home to a unique historical and cultural past. If you add the local traditional dishes, the hospitality of its inhabitants and some of the best vineyards in the south of France, your stay will be a most memorable one!
Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping in Antwerp: Historic centre

Shopping in Antwerp: historic centre area


With a culture and natural landscape as colorful as its history (it was once declared a “pirate republic” by infamous pirates Charles Vane, Calico Jack Rackham, "Blackbeard" Edward Teach, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read), Nassau is The Bahamas’ crown jewel. With a booming Downtown District, Nassau makes for some wonderful on-land entertainment. The beaches are its signature attraction, however, with the likes of Cable Beach at its helm. Turquoise waters boast the best clarity on the planet with a visibility of over 200 feet!
Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping in Antwerp: Meir

Shopping in Antwerp: Meir area
Luleå, Sweden

Ormberget’s Outdoor Center

At mountain Ormberget you´ll have a fantastic view over Luleå both summer and winter and there is a restaurant on the top. Visiting Ormberget during winter - choose between down hill skiing or cross country skiing. The ski slope is particularly good for children and beginners. Visiting Ormberget during summer - choose one of all the extensive jogging tracks or try the outdoor gym. If you want to have a little extra fun, try the sledding slope during winter or the adventure trails by bike during summer.
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Christmas Island, Australia

Scuba Diving

Christmas Island’s narrow fringing reef supports bountiful marine life, including 88 coral species and more than 600 species of fish. It’s an underwater wonderland for divers, with clear warm waters, coral reefs and spectacular wall dives. Soft corals, feather stars and gorgonian corals grow along vast walls which plunge into a seemingly bottomless abyss. The fish community is distinctive because the island is a meeting place for Indian and Pacific Ocean fish species – it’s one of the few locations in the world where you’ll see Indian and Pacific Ocean fish swimming side by side. Some of these species interbreed to produce hybrids. Christmas Island has more hybrid fish than anywhere else in the world, making it a marine hybridisation zone of international significance. In addition to the hundreds of species of tropical fish, dolphins inhabit the island’s waters and whale sharks regularly visit during the wet season. Whale sharks generally first appear when the red crabs are spawning at the start of the wet season — they converge to supplement their plankton diet with crab larvae. Locations such as Flying Fish Cove, Ethel Beach, Dolly Beach, West White Beach, and Winifred Beach offer scuba divers and snorkellers a rewarding marine experience. At Flying Fish Cove and Ethel Beach shore diving is possible depending on the time of the year. There is excellent fishing, with sailfish, tuna and wahoo among some of the fish to be caught. You’ll find boat ramps at Flying Fish Cove and Ethel Beach.
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Luleå, Sweden

World Heritage Gammelstad Church Town

The old town of Luleå – Gammelstad Church Town – located 9 km outside of Luleå city center, is the largest and best preserved church town in Sweden. This unique cultural environment with its medieval church and 408 small church cottages was added to Unesco’s world heritage list in 1996. Through history visitors to the church travelling from afar, have been staying overnight in the cottages ever since the 16th century. In the middle of the town you will find Nederluleå church – It is richly decorated with one of the finest altar screens in the country, dating back to 1520's. Don’t miss Hägnan in Gammelstad – an open-air museum showing an historical environment with buildings from the 18th until the 20th century. Hägnan gives a realistic picture of how an old village along the coastline of Norrbotten could look like. The church town is a popular destination for exursions and perfect for picnics.
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