The Best Travel Guide to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Provided by: Sean Pavone/

Independence Hall

Freedom is inlaid with every brick of its architectural facade, while history wafts in every room and corridor. As the site of independence for America, Independence Hall served witness to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Generations of visitors have ventured through time in the Assembly Room, Courtroom of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Long Gallery, Governor’s Council Chamber and Committee of the Assembly Chamber. Myriads of historical figures have tread through Independence Hall, including Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and others.
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Liberty Bell

Liberty has been a grand achievement for peoples throughout history, and the historic Liberty Bell serves as a testament to America’s own piece of freedom. Named by abolitionists during the struggle to end slavery, the Liberty Bell traveled the nation following the Civil War as a symbol of freedom and healing. Now it stands proudly for all to partake in its message of equality and liberty. Video presentations and exhibits display the Bell’s history, and multilingual tapes are available as well.
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Betsy Ross House

Once home to the legendary and loved American icon, Betsy Ross, the Betsy Ross House was built over 250 years ago. Before Ross’ inhabitance between 1776 and 1779, the house was occupied by artisans, shopkeepers, shoemakers and apothecaries. The eclectic mystique was bolstered by Betsy Ross, who became known for bringing the rebel cause to life with the sewing of the first American flag. Visitors are invited to tour the house and partake in the interactive exhibits and programs. Even meet the woman herself and listen to the stories and History Makers.
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National Museum of Jewish History

The National Museum of American Jewish History provides a comprehensive view into the history and times of American Jewish citizens. Each account of immigration is personal and fascinating, lending to the rich cultural heritage that is now available for everyone’s exploration. Core and special exhibitions connect people of all backgrounds to the capture of freedom to which millions have aspired for centuries. Afterwards, enjoy a cup of coffee at Pomegranates Café, where Kosher dairy products are available.
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The Franklin Institute

Graced by scientific greats like Nikola Tesla and Philo Taylor Farnsworth, The Franklin Institute has been a model for technological and scientific exploration since 1824. Following the inquisitive spirit of Benjamin Franklin, The Institute has inspired generations of budding scientists and seasoned experts. Internationally renowned programs, exhibits, discussions and lectures have placed The Franklin Institute on the map for anyone seeking knowledge for the future.
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Citizens Bank Park

Home to the World Series champions Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park is a 21-acre, state-of-the-art baseball stadium. Just outside of the stadium is the jubilant Ashburn Alley, where visitors and fans may watch batting practice or study up on Phillies history. The Phillies All-Star Walk, Phillies Wall of Fame and Memory Lane are located in the Alley. The familiar, delectable Philadelphia fare makes its way to Citizens Bank Park as well, reining in such accolades as "Best Ballpark Eats" by the Food Network.
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The Barnes Foundation

With a mission to promote the “advancement of education and the appreciation of the fine arts,” The Barnes Foundation has cultivated the vibrancy of art since 1922. The collections span impressionism, post-impressionism, modern, African, Pennsylvanian German, Native American and other periods of art. Renoir, Cézanne and Matisse are just several artists to have their masterpieces featured at the Barnes, and there is even a 12-acre plant collection in the Arboretum.
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