Provided by: Fredrik Johansson / Malmö Turism
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Shopping eco in Malmö

Malmö has a lot of good eco shops, here are some suggestions: Småland AB Södra Förstadsgatan 25/27 A boutique with re-designed home interiors and fashion side by side with modern designs made from organic or recycled materials. Green Stories Malmö Jörgen Ankersgatan 12 A boutique promoting a sustainable lifestyle with products from a wide range of businesses in Malmö that focus on Fairtrade, organic, re-used or upcycled products. Uma Bazaar A fashionable concept with clothes for all ages in the very best “Eko-reko” (environmentally-friendly and fair trading) design made from sustainable materials, organic or recycled. Visit Uma Bazaar to shop with a good conscience.
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