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BRA- Flight to Ronneby airport in Kallinge 
from Stockholm, Bromma (1 h 5 min) SAS
-Flight to Ronneby airport in Kallinge from 
Stockholm, Arlanda. Airport bus Bergkvarabuss, +46 455-30 85 00, and trossö BUss, +46 455-470 75, operates an airport bus (Flygbussen) between Karlskrona and Ronneby airport, which is convenient and cost effective. It leaves Karlskrona about 90 minutes before the take-off times of flights to Arlanda. The bus stops at several places in central Karlskrona and at the Hospital/Bergåsa, at Nättraby E22, at Hjortahammar junction and at Listerby. The flight shuttle Karlskrona City - Ronneby Airport The shuttle operates on all departures and arrivals that BRA have, to and from Stockholm-Bromma. The shuttle operates eight stops before it reaches the airport. "Flygshuttlen" departs 75 minutes before flight departure and leaves the airport about 10 minutes after flight arrival from Ronneby Airport. For timetable see webpage.
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