• Street in the Old Town of Bari, Italy.



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Bari, a busy port city on the Adriatic coast might not quite yet be able to compete with Italy's other tourist magnets, but it's not likely to stay this way for long: the charming port town does not lack in history or culture. Bari has many stunning sites to offer, such as the Cattedrale Di San Sabino, known as one of the most important attractions in town, and the Castel del Monte, a unique medieval manor house, 70 kilometres from the centre of Bari. Additionally, be sure to enjoy a walk in the beautiful Orto Botanico or discover the Grotte Di Castellana — the famous caves of Castellana — and visit the Old Town to capture some photos of the medieval buildings, take a stroll by the harbour, enjoy the beautiful sea view, and watch fishermen at work. All the tourist highlights can easily be visited on foot.
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Swabian Castle

Swabian Castle

Dating back to 1132 under the reign of Norman King Roger II, Castello Normanno-Svevo is a true architectural testament to history. Although it endured destruction in 1156 by King William I of Sicily, it was resurrected and fortified in 1233 under the patronage of the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II. Over time, it saw various transformations during the Angevin domination, and after being held by several noble families, it eventually became a prison and barracks under the King of Naples. Encircled by a moat on all sides, except its northern border with the sea, accessible via a bridge and gate to the south, the castle primarily features Aragon walls and the prominent Hohenstaufen tower. Today, it serves as a venue for exhibitions, preserving a rich tapestry of history within its walls.
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