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The eight historical churches

Mechelen has churches galore and each contains a profusion of religious treasures. There are no fewer than eight historical churches in the city centre, each well worth a visit! The coloured light which filters through the stained-glass windows and the serene atmosphere which pervades the buildings make a visit a very special experience. The churches also contain works of art, including famous paintings by Rubens and Van Dyck. The latter provided St Rumbold’s Cathedral with a veritable masterpiece: the ‘Crucifixion of Christ’.
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The Fish Market and Lamot site

If you’d like to see something of authentic Mechelen, do as the Mechelaars do and soak up the atmosphere around Lamot brewery. The old brewery was converted into an ultramodern conference and heritage centre and is a wonderful example of how our industrial heritage can be put to new use. For Mechelen’s trendiest spots, head for the convivial Vismarkt - or Fish Market - on the other side of the Dyle. When the sun’s out, it’s a great place to enjoy it.
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