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United States Capitol

Rising up from the Mall, this impressive monument symbolizes steadfast American democracy. The Capitol is regarded as an important museum and bears testament to America’s governmental prowess. The Capitol with its own collection of art is open for tourists and attracts millions every year. The Capitol Visitor Center makes the Capitol even more accessible for visitors and offers an educational environment with an insight into the history and development of the building.
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The Mall/Monuments

The Mall comprises the main stretch of significant sights in Washington. Among these are the National Gallery and Sculpture Garden in addition to an abundance of Smithsonian institutions, including the National Museum of American History. Monuments include memorials to Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt, as well as those remembering veterans of the Vietnam and Korean wars.
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Unique Georgetown has a reputation for great shops, the trendiest restaurants and quaint cobblestone streets. It’s the place to be in DC and is a haven for the city’s students. If you visit Georgetown, you end up in a beautiful historic place that offers more than 450 shops, including dining and entertainment possibilities. A trip to this charming part of Washington is a must.
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