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Essential Information


Antalya International Airport is located 6 miles east of Antalya, and is used both for regular and charter flights. You will find the taxi stands in front of the arrival exits of all terminals. www.antalyaairporttaxi.net There are buses from the airport to central Antalya. The public bus shuttle, number 600 runs every 30 minutes between Antalya Airport and Antalya bus terminal (Otogar). The trip to central Antalya takes about 15 minutes depending on the traffic situation.
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Public Transport

The simplest way to get somewhere in Antalya is to use the “dolmus”—minibuses that depart when they are filled up with passengers and stop where you ask them to stop. There are also ordinary city buses, but they are much more expensive and stop only at the regular places. Buses depart from the bus station Otogar to various parts of Turkey. Different companies offer transportation along the same routes. Make a seat reservation in advance.
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The taxi cars are yellow and carry easy-to-see taxi signs. They have a fare meter with two different rates from 00am-6am it may cost up to 50 percent more than during daytime.
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The Turkish post offices can be recognized through the PTT-symbol. The main post office is called Merkez Postanesi in Turkish. There is a post office in the city district of Selekler.
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You will find a few pharmacies along The Lara Beach strip and in the city centre. There is always an "on-call" pharmacy open at night. Drugstore is called”Eczane” in Turkish and often has a sign with a red cross on a white background.
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County code: +90 Area code: 0242
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