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Varberg – Sweden’s Health Resort.
The old health resort tradition in Varberg has been refined and nowadays is a way of life for residents and visitors. The prerequisites for quality of life are available here, along with the opportunity to put together an individualised range of treatments to make you feel good. A course of treatment can consist of a massage treatment or seaweed baths, however, for some people a stiff wind and a windsurfing board, a walk on the sea front around Varberg Fortress, a visit to the Cold Bathhouse or a woodland excursion to Åkulla Beech Forests is what counts. What makes you feel good? What is a cure for you? Welcome to Varberg to find your particular course of treatment!


Population 60 000
Currency Swedish kronor, 1 Kr = 100 Öre
Opening hours Shops are open Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14. Department stores and food shops have more generous opening hours and are also open on Sundays.
Website www.varberg.se
Newspapers Hallands Nyheter

Varbergs Posten
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information Marknad Varberg AB
Address: Box 150, Brunnsparken
Tel: +46 340 86800