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The shopping is best along Yan´an Lu and Jiefang Lu. For native produce, Hangzhou is known for its Chinese silk products and there are special shops dedicated to it as well as an entire mall on Xinhua Lu. Another famous local product is tea and the most loved blends are Dragon´s Well and the more delicate White Chrysanthemum.

Wangxingji Fan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Wangxingji Fan Industrial Co. Ltd. was set up more than 100 years ago as the only comprehensive fan-making enterprise in China. Wangxingji produces about 15 series and more than 400 high quality types of elegant fans with many new varieties emerging. This place is well known for its intricate craftsmanship and graceful appearance, the fan is both a necessity and a decorative article.

AddressNo. 203-205 Qinghefang Street, Hangzhou
Phone+86 571 8783 0144

Copper House Of South Long River Residence Style And Silver Store

The newly set up Copper House is also the first and only Copper Carving Museum in China, constructed with 60 tons of copper and designed by Mr. Zhu Binren, a great master of art and crafts. In addition to learning the culture of copper carving, you can also see various works, which can be added to your collection or sent to friends as a gift. Beside the Copper House there is a Silver Store, also founded by Mr. Zhu. Both have attracted thousands of visitors.

AddressQinghefang Street, Hangzhou
Phone+86 571 8822 8933

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors have 300 years of history and are both famous and trusted domestically and abroad. There is astoundingly over 100 varieties and 400 specifications, ranging from the family scissors, industrial scissors, scissors for agricultural and gardening use, tailor scissors, hairdressing scissors, gift and souvenir scissors and collectors’ series.

AddressNo. 225 Yan’an Road, Hangzhou
Phone+86 571 8708 8935

Hangzhou Dujinsheng

Located at the poetic and picturesque West Lake, Hangzhou Dujinsheng Industrial Co. Ltd. was established in 1922 by the famous patriotic businessman Mr. Du Jinsheng. Initially, Dujinsheng was a family mill and later became the Hangzhou Dujinsheng Textile Factory. After more than 80, Dujinsheng has become China’s largest silk textile products manufacture and export firm.

AddressNo. 519 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou

Wu Lin Road Fashion Street

Wu Lin Road is one of the main leisure and shopping spots for women’s fashion in downtown Hangzhou. This shopping haven is 1,650 metres long and stretches from Qingchun Road in the south to Stadium Road in the north.

AddressWu Lin Road, Hangzhou