The Best Travel Guide to Karlskrona
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The Naval Museum

Real battleships, 18th century figureheads, unique models and an underwater tunnel with a genuine wreck. Experience Swedish naval history at the Naval Museum in Karlskrona. For children there is Dunder’s deck and a sailors’ workshop. Since June 2014, the Naval Museum in Karlskrona shows the Swedish submarine HMS Neptun and the dive boat Hajen in the museum's new submarine hall. Highlights from the other exhibitions are ,The Museum Ships, The Underwater tunnel and The Model Chamber. Read more about the opening hours and special events at the museum, on the own website.
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Kristianopel - a hidden gem

Kristianopel, a small village with an exiting history, situatedabout 40 KM north from Karlskrona. There are small shops, restaurants and a popular cafe. Accommodation can be found at the camping ground, in the harbor, or at a Bed & Breakfast. To stroll around among the wooden houses, where the roses are heavy in the gardens, is the best way to experience Kristianopel. Feel the scents of roses and the sea. Sit down on a bench in the harbor and look out over the water where you can imagine Öland's southern point in the horizon.
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Guided tour - The Old Shipyard and ropemaking

Come along on lovely guided tour out to Lindholmen, here you get to see some of the first pieces of Karlskrona's old shipyard. The heart of Karlskrona’s world heritage lies in the old shipyard, which has been left untouched since the 18th century. As Karlskrona as a city and naval base progressed most of the business was relocated to the new shipyard on Trossö. But the shipyard on Lindholmen was not forgotten, it has played a major part when it came to rope, reparations and maintenance of ships in Polhemsdockan - Sweden's oldest dry dock, which is still in use. So come out and enjoy alive historical environments with exciting buildings for you to enter. Do not forget to have a look inside the almost infinite rope making building, which is the longest wooden building in Scandinavia. During the tour you are accompanied by a legitimate rope maker from VHFK (Shipyard historic compound in Karlskrona) who has great knowledge about how the shipyard worked back in the days. Info Gathering point - Högvakten, Karlskrona Language - Swedish & English Rope making is included Starting time: Saturdays between the 1/5-30/6 & 25/8-29/9 Between 14:30 - 16:30 Regular prices: Adult - 150 sek Youth between 7 - 19 years old - 70 sek Children 0-6 years old - Free Between the 1/5- 30/6 & 25/8-29/9 there is a special offer to buy a combined ticket for both "Kungsholms Fort" and a ticket for the "World Heritage walk in the Old Shipyard". Prices: Adult - 340 sek Youth between 12 to 19 years old - 130 sek Children 0-6 years, free. (The two tickets needs to be booked at the same time.) Tickets can be purchased at Karlskrona tourist office. Note! There's a limited amount of people that can visit Lindholmen at a time, so it might be good to book in advance. When you book your visit to the old shipyard, every participant will have to give away their full name, person number or pass number and also their nationality. For everyone older than 18 years old, you need to bring along some sort of id on the tour. This is solely a security matter, because the old shipyard is a restricted military area. Pets are not allowed on this tour.
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Guided tour - The Red Threat Karlskrona during the Cold War

A guided tour underground in central Karlskrona. Visit some of the interesting underground facilities from WW2 and the Cold War. Visit a civil bomb shelter, 30m underground, from 1959 with a capacity for 6 000 people. Meeting point: The City Hall at the Great Square Guided tour in English: 14/7 & 21/7 11:00 In swedish: 28/4, 29/9, 27/10 11:00 (ca 1 h 40 min) 26/5, 7/7, 28/7, 25/8 11:00 & 13:00 Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest/Karlskrona Archipelago Festival 2–4/8 Kl. 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 Pris/Price:150 SEK vuxna & barn/adults & children
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Blekinge Museum

Blekinge museum is situated on Fisktorget, with exhibition halls in several buildings, and the museum always offers new exhibitions, that are arranged continually. It depicts Karlskrona’s and Blekinge county’s past through a number of permanent exhibitions, including a noteworthy 18th century apartment in Wachtmeister's palace, called Grevagården. There is also a very pleasant café in the recreated baroque garden as well as Grevagrundet - Blekinge museum’s playground with an archipelago theme.
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Gamla Varvet - The old shipyard

The former shipyard is now one of Karlskrona’s attractions and the basis of the World Heritage status. Here you will find, among relatively modern buildings, a variety of buildings and technology covering more than 300 years of shipbuilding. Visit the longest wooden building in the country, Repslagarbanan, the Wasaskjul, Polhemsdockan (dock) and Gallionslunden. There is also a tour that takes you to Lindholmen by sea. This shows you Karlskrona from the the sea side and takes you out to the former naval yard. You can only visit Lindholmen with a guided tour. During the summer there are regular tours, contact the tourist office to arrange tours at other times.
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Drottningskärs Kastell - one of Sweden’s foremost defence constructions

Drottningskärs kastell (citadel) was largely built during the last decade of the 17th century and is considered one of Sweden’s foremost defence constructions, a complete and well preserved fortress from Sweden’s period as a great power. The citadel has a large castle keep in granite with gun deck, powder magazine and quarters. It has four bastions named after the queens Maria, Christina, Hedvig and Ulrica. Since 1895 Drottningskär has not played an active part in the Swedish defence system. You can get to Drottningskär citadel all year round via the car ferry to Aspö. The archipelago boats stop here during the summer. There is also a restaurant and café, open during summer. Interested in a guided tour during off-season? Contact the Tourist office.
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Kungsholms Fort

This fort has defended the entrance to Karlskrona for more than 300 years. Kungsholms Fort is still operational within the Swedish defences. The remarkable round harbour has become somewhat of a symbol for Karlskrona’s status as a World Heritage site. Exotic plants from all corners of the globe flourish under the protection of the fort’s walls. They have been brought here over many years on vessels returning from distant voyages. A museum on the island depicts the fort’s history. There are regular guided tours to Kungsholms Fort during the summer, visits can also be arranged for groups and individuals at other times. Contact the tourist office to make a reservation: +46 (0)455-30 34 90.
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Busfabriken - indoor play centre for children!

Busfabriken - is an indoor play centre for children between the ages of 1 and 12. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Here in this huge facility with a jungle theme, children can play football and basketball in the multi-sport arena, compete against friends on the slides, crawl through tunnels and find there way past obstacles and giant balls. There is a separate section for the very young children with a ball-sea and a slide. Café with favourites for all ages! Open all year round.
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