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Olbia is the gateway to the beautiful pearly white beaches of the northeast coast and the glittering Costa Smeralda. This is where jetsetters, film setters and the ‘glitterati’ arrive to indulge in la dolce vita Sardinian-style. Despite its Greek name meaning ‘happy’, Olbia’s origins were Phoenician before the town became a Roman trading post. Olbia used to be a little fishing village but has now grown to become Sardinia’s busiest ferry port, complete with an International airport. The countryside is cloaked in aromatic wild herbs, the macchia, and the surrounding sea sparkles in every hue of electric blue.


Population Olbia 56,231
Population of Olbia-Tempio Province 152,000
Currency Euro, €1 = 100 cents
Opening hours Shops are usually open from 9am-1pm and between 4pm-8pm. Larger shops are normally open continuously during the day. Shops are open on Sundays at their own discretion.
Newspapers L’Unione Sarda
La Nuova Sardegna
Emergency numbers Emergency: 113
Carabinieri (Police): 112
Vigili del fuoco (Fire Brigade): 115
Ambulanza (Ambulance): 118
Tourist information Azienda Autonoma Soggiorno e Turismo
Via Nanni 39, Olbia
+39 0789 557 732 / +39 0789 557 726