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Kerry is more than a mere county – it’s a Kingdom...

Right out on the edge of Europe, where Ireland’s highest mountains dip down into the wild Atlantic Ocean, is the ancient Kingdom of Kerry. This is the furthest west you can go in all of Ireland. “Next parish, Manhattan” they say here. And it’s partly this far-flung feel – away from the rest of the world in Ireland’s beautiful South West corner – that makes it so appealing. There’s good food, fine pubs, easy banter and live music to be found right across Kerry in lively towns and tiny settlements. And while visitors may argue about their favourite towns, everyone genuflects to the perfection that is the Kerry landscape.

It’s just drop-dead gorgeous.


Population 145,502
Currency 1 Euro € = 100 cents
Opening hours Most shops are open 0900 until 1730 or 1800 Monday to Saturday. Summer/Autumn period, a number of shops in parts of the county may remain open until 2200 or 2300.

Many shops are also open on Sundays.
Website www.discoverireland.ie/kerry
Newspapers The Kerryman
Kerry’s Eye
The Kingdom
Irish Times
Irish Independent
Emergency numbers Police, fire and ambulance call 999

Killarney Garda (Police) Station: Tel: +353 64 31222

Dingle Garda (Police) Station: Tel: +353 66 9151522

Tralee Garda (Police) Station: Tel: +353 66 7102300
Tourist information Killarney Discover Ireland Centre
Beech Road
County Kerry
T: +353 64 6631633
E: Killarneytio@failteireland.ie

Dingle Tourist Information Office
The Quay
County Kerry
T: +353 66 9151188
E: Dingletio@failteireland.ie

Tralee Tourist Information Office
Ashe Memorial Hall
Denny Street
County Kerry
T: +353 66 7121288
E: Traleetio@failteireland.ie