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Santa Clara

Santa Clara will forever be remembered as the site of the last battle of the Cuban Revolution, where Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara led a group of rebels in a mission to derail an armored train, resulting in the definitive defeat of the Batista regime. And though bullet holes still bear witness to the hardships of the revolution, today Santa Clara is a youthful and ferociously creative city, whose large student population contributes to the vibrant nightlife and artistic scenes, and forward-thinking mentality, making it a unique place in Cuba.

Syracuse, New York

A trip to New York City would be the perfect occasion to visit Syracuse, the fifth most populous city in the state of New York and the county seat of Onondaga County. First inhabited by Iroquois Indians, Syracuse´s area has been interested by an intense flow of migration since the mid 1600s, which has transformed the city in a melting-pot of different communities and one of the most important basis for commercial salt production. Now it´s a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a wealth of cultural activities and word-famous events.

Coronado, California

The “Crown City” was designed with one thought in mind: capitalize on the area’s abundance of sun, sand, and Pacific skies. Coronado, California is an island resort community within San Diego County and champions America’s “Best Beach.” Over 2 million people venture to the city each year to partake in the glory of a refreshing climate, great hospitality, world-renowned restaurants, chic boutiques, unending cultural events, and endless opportunities for exploring Coronado’s outdoors.
Bruges, Belgium

Red Bull in Bruges - What tourists don't see

In an amazing video, Australian athlete Dominic Di Tommaso showcases our beautiful city of Bruges from an unseen perspective. As a tourist, Bruges’ typical canal boats are the perfect way to discover the fabulous city from the inside. Well, you might want to reconsider. World-class freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso reveals this stunning piece of UNESCO World Heritage from a completely different perspective in the amazing video ‘What tourists don’t see’. On and across the roofs, towers, stepped gables and even the Belfry of Bruges, Dominic invites us on an athletic, jump- and flip-filled journey along the most beautiful spots of the inner city. Always on the move, freerunning in its purest form.
Blekinge, Sweden

olofström outdoor

Paddeling on Halen is being in the wild. Experience The Lake District in Blekinge.


Wilderness and unspoiled scenery entice you to Swedish Lapland and provide breathtaking winter adventures, trips along rivers, and exhilarating hikes. Get to know the unique Sami culture and relax in the reindeer sleigh while watching pulsating northern lights dance in the heavens above. The national parks and seductive tastes of reindeer, trout and arctic raspberries add colour to your holiday. Here you can discover the secrets of the mines, traditional marketplaces. In the summer, enjoy a sun that never wants to set.
Basel, Switzerland

Travel video of Basel

This video was created in cooperation with Travel Me Happy and Switzerland Tourism. We will take you through Basel and you will see many breathtaking places such as: The iconic Minster, the beautiful Rhine and the verious museums. Enjoy! #LoveBasel #BaselSwitzerland
Syracuse, New York

The Great New York State Fair

Spanning the 375-acre Empire Expo Center, the Great New York State Fair attracts approximately one million visitors annually and is the third largest state fair in the United States. The 12-day festival begins at the end of August and ends on Labor Day each year. In addition to rides, games and food, the fair also boasts a circus, petting zoo, strolling performers and daily parades. Visitors can also peruse numerous health, agricultural and arts and crafts exhibits. Entertainment is in no short supply with nightly concerts and several agricultural, culinary and art competitions, including the butter and cheese sculpture competition.
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Alice Springs

Alice Springs, or 'The Alice', lies romantically in the heart of Australia, and it is unofficially considered as the Outback's capital. While it was regarded as a 'dead heart' during colonial times, thanks to the surrounding barren landscapes, today both residents and visitors recognise the physical and spiritual importance of Australia’s Centre, and it indeed is beating alive with Aboriginal traditions and sacred sites, a vibrant local art culture with a fascinating pioneering history, and for sure incredible landscapes still. Alice Springs is one of the most interesting places on the continent, and most people agree on that you have not seen the Outback at all until you will have seen Alice for once.


It is easy to overlook this small island-nation, having, as it does, such powerful and flashy neighbours as Qatar and the Emirates, but to ignore Bahrain would be a huge mistake. It is an emerging power in the region, with all the luxury and worldliness of a cosmopolitan destination and all the charm and personality of a small island. Add to this the growing arts scene and burgeoning international cuisine in the country, and you have the newest prime travel destination in the region, and the most socially liberal one, to boot.
Uppsala, Sweden

The Botanical Garden

Explore Uppsala University's botanical garden, where research, teaching and the conservation of biological diversity go hand-in-hand with beauty, recreation and education. Here you'll find greenery and flowering plants in the Botanical Garden all year round. In Tropiska växthuset (the Tropical Greenhouse), Uppsala's only rain forest, there are banana trees, coffee bushes and orchids, but also plants from deserts and other arid areas. Orangeriet (the Orangery) houses cacti, Linnaeus' bay trees, fig trees and olive trees.
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Syracuse, New York


The Museum of Science and Technology features an IMAX theater and a planetarium in addition to its many educational exhibits. All members of the family will have a blast learning about the human body in the MOST's Life Sciences exhibit, exploring the wonders of the Earth in the Discovery Cave or climbing through the Science Playhouse. Check out Technotown, an exhibit of kinetic sculptures, and the Flight and Space exhibit, which features a flight simulator as well as a three-story scale model of rocket Atlas V.
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Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford University Press Museum

The Oxford University Press Museum was founded in 1958 is considered the second-oldest and the largest university press in the world. It keeps traces of the historical publishing documentation of Oxford University from the fifteenth century to the present day. The museum notable displays are the books of Clarendon's 'History of the Great Rebellion', the first edition of 'Alice in Wonderland', and the evolution of the 'Oxford English Dictionary'.
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