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    Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands feature some of the world's most interesting volcanic formations, and the landscapes often look like something out of fiction or fantasy. Caves, lava fields, beaches, and volcanoes offer visitors exceptional hiking, swimming, and scuba diving. And wherever travellers spend their days on the islands, they are always surrounded by abundant fascinating and unique wildlife. Getting up close and personal with this wildlife is a truly unique experience.
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Sierra Negra

Sierra Negra

Strong hikers can attempt to scale the Sierra Negra volcano, which boasts the world's second largest volcanic caldera. The hike can take visitors to the rim of the imposing 6-mile wide crater and over alien volcanic fields and landscapes, giving them the opportunity to admire strange and interesting geological features and to enjoy the views of volcanoes on other islands from a distance. Visiting the volcano can mean a total of 6 hours hiking, though, so make sure you are prepared for such an adventure.
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