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Mogollon Rim

Formed 600 million years ago, the Mogollon Rim is the stupendous center of Arizona’s geography. Almost incongruously to the rest of Arizona, the Rim is blanketed in forests and grass. Such lush, fertile land has led to an amazing diversity of fauna: birds (including eagles), Rocky Mountain elk, mule, and whitetail deer, black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, javelina, and coyotes all make the Mogollon Rim their home. So drive, hike, or bike to the top of the Rim and experience Arizona at its finest.
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Zane Grey Cabin

Without the novels of Zane Grey, it is quite possible that Hollywood greats like John Wayne, Shirley Temple, and Randolph Scott would have been lost on the world. Grey’s outstanding Westerns became movies that launched the careers of cinema mainstays, and his novels have been published in over 20 languages, with estimated annual sales between 500,000 and one million copies worldwide. Now his cabin stands as a historical site for visitors. While not everything in the cabin is an original, certain pieces allow visitors to visualize Grey’s life in the early 20th century. Find cowboy boots, Grey’s original saddle, a writer’s chair, a cot, and a bear rug.
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Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery

Whether enjoying the winter snow or the summer sunshine, the Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery is bursting at the seams for opportunities to hike, picnic, and observe wildlife. This is a great educational experience for the whole family, as guides at the Hatchery teach about fish production and facts about the wetlands. There are rainbow, brook, cutthroat, and Apache trout produced each year, some catchable. The streams and wetlands on Tonto Creek are vital to the survival of Arizona’s wildlife, so come and see why.
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Shoofly Village Ruins

Take a self-guided tour into Arizona’s rich Native past. As the epicenter of Southwestern prehistoric cultures, the overall Rim Country served as home to probably 1,000 different sites. The Shoofly ruins themselves were occupied between 1000 and 1250 A.D. There were once 79 structures with a large building at its center that housed 26 rooms averaging 37.4 sq. meters each. Visiting the Ruins brings with it a newfound appreciation for Arizona’s telling history.
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