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Section in Key West, Florida
Do & See
There aren’t enough words to explain the multitude of all you can see and do in Key West City. Naturally, the most inherent thing to engage in is to soak in the spectacular sun on the shores of breathtaking beaches and also embark in the abundant activities the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. You can spend your days by paddleboarding, sailing the crystal waters on beautiful boats, snorkeling with your family and viewing the vibrant ocean bellow, graced with colorful reefs and corrals. Commune with the dolphins, in their natural habitat, and watch their friendly frolic. Take boat ferry rides to nearby attractions, escape on trolley tours to Old Town Key West, where whimsical local settings will leave you absolutely enlightened. Visit museums, galleries, dive into the variety of multicultural dishes, and take long walks on the pier enjoying the tropical climate and the palm leaves rustling above.

Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

Do you want a go-to-see-and-experience place for all ages? Well then you have found it! A most unique ecological phenomenon with a one of a kind underwater ocean laboratory that will take you to its depths. You will find the native flora and animals of the Keys and the spectacular and diverse ecosystem of this region. Perfect even for children with among other things a living reef exhibit and the Center's theater that provides you with easy to access information about both on land and underwater life.
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Ernest Hemingway House and Museum

Located in the Old Town, this was the official Key West residence of Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway, as in 1968 it enjoyed the distinction of becoming a U.S. national Historic Landmark. Tour the spectacular gardens, with an impressive variety of flowers and trees, and observe the 20,000 dollar swimming pool that Hemingway enjoyed, an unusual opulence at that time. Before you go visit the bookstore lined with the author’s famous books and a plethora of other souvenirs.
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Duval street

The most famous and most visited street in Key West. Why? It stretches out from shore to shore (from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean) with a multitude of restaurants, pubs and shopping opportunities unfolding before you. Pop into Ernest Hemingway's favourite pub Sloppy Joe's or have a Cuban coffee at restaurant Havana - Key West. Beyond this Duval Street is home to a rich nightlife and several times a year you can go plunging into Duval Street Festivals which celebrate art, lifestyle, history and more.
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Audubon House and Tropical Garden

Considered a gem of historical interior design the Audubon House is a restoration project which is furnished as a replica of a prosperous 1800s Key West home. The constructor and first owner of the house was one of the ten most affluent men in the Florida Keys during this time. Both the house and its tropical garden give the visitor a glimpse of every- day- life in a rich man's home of the mid 19th century. The garden itself is worth a visit. It has a cook house as well as a herb garden alongside 200 blooming orchids.
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Key West Lighthouse & Keeper’s Quarters Museum

If buildings could talk this lighthouse would tell a remarkable story of its own and its Keeper's quarters' history. It has been through hurricanes, wars and construction due to urbanization. The stories also include the brave and dedicated Keepers who kept the light of the tower burning no matter what. The lighthouse Keepers have left footprints for you to marvel over as you find their belongings, photographs and lives put on display in the museum.
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U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum

Something out of the ordinary, a museum afloat that is dedicated to honour those who served during the World War II and Vietnam War. The U.S. coast guard history comes alive with this intriguing ship which has cruised the ocean waters during 50 years of service. Get to know the life aboard while either guided by expert witnesses or at your own pace and find yourself passing through a time capsule with crucial maritime moments from back in the day.
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