The Best Travel Guide to Punta Cana
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Although the main attraction of Punta Cana is its luxurious beaches and world-renowned golf courses, this tropical paradise offers plenty of activities and sights on land and at sea. The caressing sun will allow you to spend some idle days of pure sunbathing, whereas the most adventurous can look for an adrenaline-boost on a zip-line or by doing thrilling water-sports . Discover unspoiled nature and mingle with the locals, sample some flavoured rum, experience the mild light of the sun rising, dance intensively and behold at the spectacle of this Caribbean gem.

Outback Adventures - Outback Safari

Tired of the beach? You can see the outback of Punta Cana aboard a truck and two guides. They will present you the traditional way of life in Dominican Republic. You will meet locals, discover the cocoa and coffee farms, as well as the schools. It will also be the occasion for you to taste cane sugar and delicious fresh fruits and see wild animals. The tour will also stop at a stop that proposes rum, cigars... at local prices! Call or visit the website for reservation.
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Pirate Rum Factory & Taino Cave Tour

On this tour, you will visit a rum factory which uses 300-year old recipes. The flavours available are café, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, coconut, coconut milk, lemon and mamajuana (a mix of rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs). You can also buy hand-decorated bottles. After this visit, you will be taken on a historic trip. You will discover more about the island's history. Your guide will show you a cave where you can observe fruit bats.
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