• The National Theatre in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Section in San José
Do & See
San José is home to great world-class museums, lush parks, hip hostels with pools and some seriously amazing restaurants. The most exciting neighbourhood of the city is Escalante — the hippest people are hanging out there. Besides having a vibrant urban life, San José is also the perfect starting point for day trips to many major destinations spread throughout the country. Hop on a bus and explore the local forest regions or a hike in the nearby mountains. The city's energetic and vibrant life and unique nature will make for unforgettable experiences.
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The Pedestrian Central Avenue

The Pedestrian Central Avenue

The pedestrianised Central Avenue is the heart and soul of San Jose. It is lined with shops, restaurants and bars. The avenue's mile-long brick pavement is busiest around 5pm when locals get off work and mill around downtown to hang out with friends, eat, enjoy live music and dance marimba. This is a great place to encounter the real urban Costa Rica and buy a few souvenirs. Bronze statues, elegant lampposts, and nostalgic architecture add beauty to the avenue. The Central Avenue connect major points of attraction: the Central Market, the Central Bank, the Cultural Plaza, the Gold Museum, the Jade Museum, the Arts and Crafts Market, Democracy Plaza, and the historical Congress buildings. Take a free walking tour to get a better understanding of downtown San José. Don't forget to tip your guide!
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