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Nolby Högar

Welcome to a meeting place many thousands of years old, which tells a part of the exciting history of Västernorrland. Enjoy the landscape and the views. Traces from previous generations are practically clear here: burial mounds, house foundations, early medieval church ruin, roads and a runestone bear witness to earlier lives. The display at Nolby Högars information site communicates about the areas long history. You can read about how the land uplift has changed the landscape over time and how the place has been used by people for thousands of years.
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Svartvik Industrial Heritage

Svartvik bears the memories from 200 years of northern Swedish industrial history. From wharves to shipyard, from steam saw production to pulp factory. Today Svartvik is a point of interest with displays of its history, park like environment, playgrounds for the children, one of the oldest water towers in Sweden and a skittle alley, where you can try to play just like the old patrons did during the peak of the wooden industry. During summer there are an amount of activates happening here. Guided tours are possible to get all year around. Here you also find the manor of Svartvik with its restaurant, Café Svartvik and an antique store.
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Galtströms Bruk

Galtström is located at what once was Medelpad´s first, largest and last ironworks, alongside the coast south of Sundsvall. A visit at Galtström is like time travel. In the wonderful environment you can feel the wing beat of history, take a ride with the steam locomotive, just wander in the nature or take a swim in the sea. Here you also find a restaurante, a playground for the children and exciting ruins. During summer SCA offers free guided tours of the ironworks Saturdays and Sundays.
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Merlo Slott

The Merlo Slott, or Villa Merlo that is the building´s real name, is a grand, fairytale castle-like house in Timrå, built in 1883–1885 as a summer residence for the timber owner and merchant Fredrik Bünsow, at this time one of Sweden’s most powerful business men. The architects were Isak Gustaf Clason and Fritz Eckert. The former is known as the architect behind buildings such as Nordiska museet and Hallwyl House in Stockholm. Today Villa Merlo is the central archive for company SCA (Swedish Cellulose AB). During summer you have the opportunity to go on guided tours and experience the many rooms and halls that still have their former glory preserved. Also, its wonderful garden is well-worth a visit.
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