Provided by: Marcus Sjöberg, Friluftsbyn, Höga Kusten
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Do & See
Höga Kusten, the High Coast, offers activities and attractions for all tastes, both on land and on water. Here you can go hiking in the National Park, Skuleskogen or in one of the many nature reserves in the area, canoeing along the trails or boating along the river. If you are interested in art and culture, this destination will please you. In the High Coast lives and works many talented artists and craftspeople who would invite you for a visit. For children there is also plenty to do. How about a visit to the ostrich farm where you can be involved in feeding the ostriches, or a day at Junsele zoo where you can watch the bear Loke and the white tigers? For those who would appreciate to be challenged with some ingenious devices, we highly recommend Technichus. Here is a selection of the range, the rest you can read about at
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