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The boat service in Pisa will let you enjoy the architectural scenery of the Lungarni, or the natural beauty of the nearby San Rossore Natural Park, in which several important racecourses and dressage competitions take place. Pisa celebrates traditional events such as the fascinating “Luminara” (a candlelight festival), the historical "Regata" (a boat race on the River Arno) and the “Gioco del Ponte” (an ancient contest on the Ponte di Mezzo). The three of them take place every year in June. An alternative could be a festival of international sacred music called “Anima Mundi”, taking place between September and October in the Cathedral and Monumental Cemetery.

Pisa Cathedral and Baptistery

Pisa Baptistery (Battistero di San Giovanni) shares grounds with Pisa Duomo (where the Leaning Tower is located). It took more than two centuries to complete. This amazing marble Baptistery is the largest one in the whole of Italy, and dates back to the 12th century. Pay your visit in the early morning to experience the amazing acoustics. The Cathedral is an incredible work of art with more than a thousands years of history, and its design influenced many other buildings in the whole country.
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The Leaning Tower

One of the most outstanding architectural structures of medieval Europe (partly due to human error during construction), the Leaning Tower is today the most famous landmark of Pisa. It is the bell tower of the Cathedral whose construction began in 1173, and continued for over two centuries. This miscalculated eight-story building is over 55 metres high and leans at an angle of 5 degrees. Without any doubts, this popular tourist attraction is a "must" when visiting the city. Don’t forget the camera, since this is a perfect place to take some amusing photos.
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The Wine Road of the Pisan Hills

Take a tour along the roads of wine in the stunning area of Chianti, one of the most famous districts in Tuscany. You decide which vineyards to visit and make your stops wherever you like. It is also possible take a break from wine and local food tastings to visit the museums that you will find along the road, such as the one dedicated to the iconic Vespa. Either you feel like going by car or bike, the road is easy to follow since it is well marked by signs.
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National Museum of San Matteo

Housed in a 13th century (former) Benedictine monastery, the National Museum of San Matteo contains works from the main religious buildings of the city. Remarkable are the collections of 14th and 15th centuries: the Pisan sculpture and a collection of paintings consisting of nearly 200 works from the Tuscan school. The picture gallery keeps paintings by Italian and foreign artists dating back as far as the 18th century, ecclesiastical vestments and liturgical gold-works.
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