The Best Travel Guide to Mariehamn - Åland
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Boat trips

The best way to enjoy Åland is by boat. You can either take a ride on a ferry or go on an unforgettable excursion during your stay here. Apart from simply enjoying the unspoiled nature, you might also catch a glance of a curious seal. There are various types of boats for rent. Would you prefer a leisurely trip in a beautiful sailboat, or would you rather have more speed and spray on board a rigid inflatable boat? If you would like to get really close to the unique archipelago we recommend a kayak trip. You may choose between package tours or your own custom-designed excursion. Boat- and canoe rental: Ro-No Rent
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The Åland archipelago offers an infinite number of kayaking opportunities. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran kayaker, there are suitable routes for you. The archipelago creates excellent conditions, whether you prefer the tranquil bays or rugged skerries near the open sea. Do you want to come close to nature and animal life and spend time on your own in peace and quiet? Or, perhaps, you prefer kayaking in a group with a guide along a designated itinerary? Some of the most popular places to visit are Kobba Klintar and Kastelholm, as well as the Märket lighthouse for very experienced kayakers. Nimix Kayakrentals:
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Wreck Diving

Åland offers world class wreck diving. More than 500 ships are known to have been wrecked due to the difficulties of navigating in the archipelago. The unique water climate contributes to preservation of old wood structures, and steel hulls corrode slowly. In the summer of 2010, a fascinating discovery was made in the Åland archipelago: the world’s oldest champagne and beer were found aboard a 200 years old schooner. Accompany professional diving guides and experience Åland's underwater treasures. Every year new shipwrecks are discovered. If you fancy taking up diving, follow a diving course on Åland. Basic and further training is offered within the NAUI training system.
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Kite Surfing

Åland has a shoreline numbering an incredible 17,000 km. Beaches lie in all directions. The mildness of the maritime climate and the contrast between calm bays and strong winds creating powerful waves outside the islands mean ideal kite surfing conditions. According to the local kite surfing professional, Patrik Larsson, Åland boasts at least 150 days of good surfing conditions annually. In the summer it's best done on the waves, and in winter in open water further away from the shores. Kite surfing is popular on Åland. Both beginner courses and courses for experienced kite surfers are offered. Kite on your own or with an experienced guide.
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There are two fantastic golf courses on Åland: Åland Golfklubb and Eckerö Golf. Thanks to the favourable climate the season is long: from May to the end of October, some years even into December. Åland Golfklubb’s two well-known 18-hole courses are located in the beautiful historical settings of Sund, where the courses offer views of the sea and the castle of Kastelholm. Go to: Eckerö Golf Kyrkoby. Eckerö 22270 +358 45 70046532 Åland Golfklubb:
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Åland Museum & Art Museum

The Åland Museum (history and ethnography) and Åland Konstmuseum (art museum) are both housed under the same roof. The permanent culture and history exhibition on display at the Åland Museum gives excellent insight into the history of the province. Art from Åland is displayed at the Konstmuseum, and there are always a few temporary exhibitions. The discovery of world's oldest champagne in the region is highlighted through an exhibition entitled “Champagnegaleasen” (the champagne schooner).
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Bomarsund Fortress

In 1832, Russia began construction of the fortress of Bomarsund. Since Åland then constituted the westernmost part of Czarist Russia and had a location of strategic importance, Russia desired a strong military presence and an impressive fortress there. During the Crimean War, in 1854, an Anglo-French naval force attacked the fortress, which resulted in the Battle of Bomarsund. The fortress was demolished and today only ruins (and the Bomarsund Museum) serve testament to Russian presence and the grandiose plans once wielded for Åland. If you wish to find out more about this part of the struggle between the great powers during the Crimean War, visit Bomarsund, and watch the film “Bomarsund, vägen till fred” ("the road to peace").
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Horse Riding

For a more hands-on experience, do not limit yourself to simply watching horses compete at the Mariehamn trotting track. There are several establishments offering riding lessons, camps, and guided horseback riding tours. Ride slow or gallop in unspoiled countryside and along the beaches. The service is offered all year round. There a few places in Åland that offer horseback-riding opportunities, some of these include: Aftonsol: +358 18 33629 Tellholmsvägen 262 Hammarland Åland Midgård Islandsstall:
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