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Vodice is an old settlement with a rich history. In the town of Vodice and its sorrounding you can find a lot of historical places and buildings worth visiting. The Roman settlements like Velika Mrdakovica Arauzona or Roman Prižba on Srima peninsula can be reached by walking or with the bike. A great number of famous small churches with very interesting architecture are gathered in and around Vodice. The small island Prvic is of course the place that should be visited.

The Čorić Tower

The tower is a unique example of a fortified tower that dates back to 1533 when Hyeronimus Saracenis concluded an agreement with Ivan, a stone-mason from Hvar, to begin construction. The initials H S, which stand for Hieronymus Saracenis, are inscribed on the coat of arms that is displayed on the eastern wall. The tower frequently changed ownership and at one time in the 17th century it was in the possession of the Fondra noble family from Šibenik that used the tower as their place of residence.
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Velika Mrdakovica - Arauzona

On this rich archaeological site from the pre-Roman and Roman times about a hundred tombs have been discovered, out of which some date back from the 4th century B.C. According to the found artefacts and records of the Roman writers, experts identify this settlement as Arausona, a Liburnian-Roman settlement mentioned by Pliny. Tombs of the older layers of necropolis date back from the 3rd to the 1st century B.C., and they were made under the Hellenistic influence. A complex of blocks of hauses made of fine carpented stone, joined with clay, and later with mortar was also found here. The settlement was surrounded by defensive walls, made from the fractal stone, and was divided by streets. Some buildings had water tanks incised into the bedrock for collecting the rain-water.
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Island Prvić

We believe the picture in your mind when you are imagining a Dalmatian town is that of Sepurine. Beautiful, quiet, old, noble, stealing breath in front of every house. Solid, stone, steep streets, stone houses, each capturing attention with its particularity, still forming a harmonious, single whole story. It is a story of glitter and wealth that used to be, and laughter that once resounded along these streets. Population of Sepurine used to be greater than that of Vodice. Today unfortunately, it shares the destiny of all the places on the island. Prvic, with its two settlements, Sepurine and Prvic Luka, was first mentioned in the 11th century. It was substantially inhabited by people from Srima and Vodice who fled here in fear of Turks. In the 16th century, the island became a fashionable resort for Sibenik nobility, building their villas and summer residences on it.
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