• Desert Tabuk

    Saudi Arabia


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Section in Tabuk
Do & See
Those looking for an active holiday can choose between climbing up the mount of Jabal Al-Lawz and trekking or island hopping along the coast and descending underwater for diving sessions conducted by one of many professional dive centers. If you prefer to stay on land, venture upstate to the region's capital - Tabuk City, or pay a visit to the historic town of Al Bida that still holds evidence of ancient presence in its mountain caves. Other archaeological sites include those in the towns of Al Muwailih, Al Khuraibah, Rawwafa and Al Muzim.
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The Tabuk Region boasts a long, continuous stretch of land by the Red Sea, a large part of which is taken up by picture-perfect beaches frequented by holiday-makers. Some of the more popular locations include the Sultaniyah beach, Shareeh beach, Ba’r Almashi beach in Hegl and the Qiyal beaches. Some known beaches north of Duba include the Sherma, Khiraibah, and Muwalij. Ras Al Sheik Humaid beaches are found to the south of Bid'a, and the area of Umluj is home to the highly popular destination of Al Hisis.
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