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May 4th Square / 五四广场

Marked by the huge flaming sculpture called “Wind of May”, the square is built to commemorate the May 4th Movement in 1919, when Chinese nationalism was revived by a popular student-led uprising. Connecting the Qingdao municipal government building and the east coast, it consists of a coastal area and two squares, which are called City Hall Square and Central Square. In the evening, the colourful lights and water fountain make the whole square even more attractive.
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Badaguan Area / 八大关

Lying between Huiquan Cape and Taiping Cape, it was named “Badaguan” (Eight Great Passes) after the eight great passes of the Great Wall. The area was occupied by western countries and thus presents various architecture styles of twenty countries, including England, Russia, German, France, Danmark and so on. In spring, the peach flowers bloom on Shaoguan Road, during summertime, crepe-myrtles on Zhengyangguan Road. Maple leaves turn red in autumn, and cedars stay green even in winter. In every season, Badaguan has its unique sides.
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Qingdao International Beer Festival / 青岛国际啤酒节

First held in 1991, Qingdao International Beer Festival has now become the biggest beer festival in Asia. The festival generally starts on the second Sunday of August and lasts for 16 days. A 35-hectare Beer City located in the Shilaoren National Tourism Resort was specifically built for the festival. Although you can have Tsingtao Beer anytime in the city, the carnival vibe of the festival is something that you don't want to miss. (P.S.: in Qingdao, fresh beer can be sold and contained in the plastic bag, so don't be surprised when you see people walking on the street with a bag of beer.)
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Laoshan Scenic Area / 崂山风景区

Named in the Tang Dynasty with the growth of Taoism, Laoshan is a household name for its vistas as well as the Taoist shrine. Laoshan Jufeng Peak, Liuqing River, Taiping Palace, Yangkou Beach and Nine Waters and Eighteen Pools are the main tourist spots. Local travel agencies offer tours which vary between the southern route that covers both the Jufeng Peak and Taiping Palace, the eastern route to Yangkou Beach that covers both Taiping Palace and Qipan Stone Area and the central route to Nine Waters and Eighteen Pools.
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