Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts

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Long known for its “old world” charm, from the historic Faneuil Hall to the Freedom Trail that celebrates Boston’s preeminent role in the American Revolution. Boston has come a long way towards staking its claim in the 21st century. With the completion of the “Big Dig,” which buried Boston’s vast network of highways underground, Boston has hit the new century running.

Attractions span the old and the new including the JFK and Boston Public Libraries, the Boston Children’s Museum, the New England Aquarium, Boston’s beautiful Public Gardens and her extraordinary Museum of Fine Art and Museum of Science.

With a collection of parks set to take the place of the ungainly elevated highways, the years to come promise to see Boston only grow more beautiful.


Population 560,000
Currency American Dollar $1 = 100 cents
Newspapers The Boston Globe
The Boston Herald
Boston Phoenix
(free alternative weekly magazine)
Emergency numbers 911
Tourist information Boston Common Visitor Information Center
Address: 148 Tremont Street, Boston
Underground: Park Street
Phone: +1 617 536 4100