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Essential Information


The centre of Umeå is about 4 kilometres from the airport. Airport buses depart from the front of the station building about 10 minutes after arrival from Stockholm. Price: 40 kronor to Umeå city centre. Inquiries about times of the airport bus can also be made on 090-16 22 50. There are taxis waiting outside the station hall on arrival and it takes only 10 minutes to travel to the city centre. If there are no cars there are direct telephones to the taxis between the entrance doors. To book a flight taxi, phone: 020-97 97 97.
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Public Transport

Within Umeå city centre most places are walking distance. Travel to the different city districts is provided by the local bus service, Ultra. Communications in the county are well developed, a necessity in a region where there are mile after mile of deep forests, rushing rivers and wilderness separating towns and villages from each other. Länstrafiken i Västerbotten is the principal provider of all public bus transport in Västerbotten and its routes run between the villages. For enquiries concerning timetables, contact Traffic Information at 0771 - 100 110 or visit www.tabussen.nu
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