In central Örebro, at Stadsparken, you will find the open-air museum of Wadköping. This is where Örebro’s oldest buildings and town areas are found. There are several craftsmen’s booths and small shops. Wadköping got its name from Hjalmar Bergman’s name for the neighbourhood of his childhood, and it appears in the novel ”Markurells i Wadköping.” It is the smallest section of Örebro, but it has museums, cafés, bakery, old books shop, a theatre and exhibition halls etc.
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Örebro City

The shopping areas in Örebro are extensive but amazingly enough concentrated to a small area. Many of the stores can be visited in a single afternoon. Besides the shopping malls and the national retail chains, the city offers unique shops that offer classic clothing, vintage artifacts and furnishings mixed with delis, a food hall and much more. Tip! Do not miss Market day/evening on 5 June when the shops are open until 22.00 and the city centre is filled with market stalls, food, music and activities.
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