Öland - The Island

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Brief facts about Öland

Öland – Sweden’s smallest province – has lots to offer. Every square kilometre has something to offer the visitor.
All you have to do is make your way over the Öland Bridge (6,072 m) and start making discoveries.

There is:
• approx. 500 km coastline
• around 350 Öland windmills
• 34 parishes with their own church (some even have 2)
• about 20 ancient forts
• countless rune stones and other ancient monuments
• 32 different species of orchid
• over 70 nature reserves
• 1 world heritage site
• over 50 bathing places

...and much, much more.

You are welcome to find your own favourite spot.

Öland’s length: 137 km

Province flower: Öland rock rose

Öland’s widest point: 16 km

Province animal: Nightingale

Land area: 1,344 sq. km

Province fish: Flounder

Highest point: 57.4 m above sea level

Province insect: Pink-winged grasshopper

Number of inhabitants: approx. 24,600

Province rock: Orthoceratite limestone

Municipalities: Borgholm and Mörbylånga

Province fungus: St. George’s mushroom

Province dish: Kroppkakor (potato and pork dumplings), lufsa (potato pancakes)